Thursday, 20 December 2012

Wednesday Whitterings

Hello there my little mince pies!

Only two more 'get ups' for me!  Ah the joy!!

I'm beginning to feel 'slightly' more festive I think!  I've been wrapping gifts and writing cards for the last couple of evenings and that accompanied by some festive foodie progs on t'tellybox, (not least the rather swoonsome Paul Hollywood) is helping me to get into the spirit of things!

The decorating is all but done.  Just a very few bits to do not but as this involves stripping and sanding doors then this may be left until after Xmas.  The tree and decs have made it down from the loft - although everyone was just too shattered tonight to attempt to actually put it up!

The firm I work for has kindly given to us all our choice of either a food hamper or 12 bottles of wine, to the value of £100 each.  I went for the food hamper as neither of us are big wine drinkers.  There are, in fact, three bottles (one red, one white and one sparkling white) in the food hamper anyway so this will be more than enough for over the holidays when we go out and about visiting.

The hamper itself is lovely and a big improvement on last year which was full of expensive .... well, rubbish really!

The foodstuff was presented in a lovely wicker log basket 

Wine, crackers, fruit cake, tea, chocolate meringues, honeycomb chocolate

Chocolate (those are MINE!), napkins (the kids can have them!) and some raspberry jam!

Biscuits, cookies, nuts, cheese bickies, chocolate sauce, Christmas chutney and a divinely scented jasmine candle!
As much as I moan about my job, we can't fault our employers for their generosity this year in such financially trying times.

And now for a gratuitous shot of my new wallpaper. 


I thank you!

Christmas lunch tomorrow for our Department at a local hostelry.... a whole two and a half hours away from the office!  Bring it on!! 


  1. That hamper REALLY does look very good. Lucky you!

  2. Wow that hamper looks fab ... Claire's homemade raspberry jam ... I do make jam, but wasn't me, honest! The Cartmel choc sauce is from a lovely little village not too far away from me, they make the world famous, original, sticky toffee pudding too!

    Wallpaper looks very lovely, I can't wait to see your Christmassy pictures!

    Have a Very Merry Christmas

    Claire xx


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