Sunday, 23 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Shed-mas...

Hello Lovelies!

I missed posting yesterday as we had a bit of a manic day.   We set out early to meet my partner's family in town for breakfast.  We were entertained by our 18 month old granddaughter - she's so funny! Adorable little creature she is.  She was very pleased with her biker jacket which looks just like Grandad's.  Its never too early to encourage rock chick-ness!!  She loved her new Disney Princess Belle 'baby' too and gave it lots of cuddles.  It was lovely to see them - we only meet up a few times each year and I do worry about them not seeing enough  of each other.

After saying our goodbyes we then went to do some last bits of shopping, including the food shop.  Half way around town, we bumped into a good friend of mine and so adjourned for coffee and a gossipy catch up for half an hour or so.

Today was supposed to be House Clean-up Day, however after coffee and croissants in bed, Lovely Man left me to complete the wrapping up of gifts whilst he went out to erect my shed, taking advantage of a rare dry day.  I had the beginnings of a cold yesterday and this morning it started taking hold.  I sat upstairs on our bed wrapping presents, sniffling a lot,  drinking coffee and listening to the inanities of Create and Craft in the background.  Still - it was a job that needed doing and at least this has been completed now.  My daughter will get a couple of last minute bits for me tomorrow and that will be it.  All done!

When I finally ventured downstairs, it appeared that Operation Shed-mas was well under way.  I had to take a couple of photos (of course) in the interests of quality control and for prosperity!

Note KTT (Kevin the Teenager) being extremely helpful with the one handed support system! Ahem.

I had to laugh when I looked out a few minutes later though.....  Charlie cat appeared to be getting in on the action too!

Ahh - not helping it seems - just hitching a ride!!

No seriously - you NEED a cat scarf.  It's the new big thing!

Nope.  I love you.  I am not getting down.  

Daft cat.  He refused to get off KTT's shoulder for about twenty minutes!! 

He even went for a walk up the garden with him!

Barmy animal!

Shed update - light faded fast - but only the door and windows to be added now! YEEHAH!!! 

I feel some red gingham curtains coming on! 

See you soon! 


  1. It looks like Charlie has become quite attached to KTT.

    Have a wonderful holiday, Kim.

  2. What a wonderful sight. Two blokes, one disassembled shed, and a cat that looks like my Freddie. Purr...fect. Cro xx

  3. made me smile.. thats georges favourite place here, he spends hours on my shoulder! I walk round with him there, get up, make a cuppa etc.. he sat there as a tiny kitten ... and never grew out of it!

    Leanne x

  4. Happy New Shed Kim! Have a great Christmas,

    Love Claire xxx

  5. Hi! I just found your blog through the blog Thriftwood. Happy Holidays to you! Come visit my blog also please!! coffee with tams


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