Sunday, 28 June 2015

Back again

Hello all

I've had a bit of a blogging respite these last few weeks.  Life has been a bit mental to say the least and my feet haven't touched the floor.  I do miss my blog though and still do catch up with all of you even if I may not post a comment at each visit.

Weight loss now stands at 45lbs.  I'm struggling though.  I've had about four weeks where I'm at a complete standstill and am sick of the sight of bloody yoghurts and quark!  I have to kick myself very sharply up the backside now because I can feel myself starting to slip back into bad old ways.

The lottie is looking rather stunning.  We've had pickings of beautiful broad beans and lots of strawberries.

The flag Iris have been stunning this year - and huge to boot!

The redcurrants are beginning to turn

The foxgloves are rife and encouraging bees to visit

I think this one might be a bit of a hybrid!!  A foxglove crossed with a lavatera perhaps?!  Who knows?!

OI! Stop doing that and get eating those ruddy blackflly on my beans!

My brother is growing giant veg this year.  His cabbages are nearly as big as me already!!   I'll try to take some pics this week so you can see their progress.  He's also growing giant swede, leeks, sunflowers, tomatoes and pumpkins!

We've had a busy few weekends too.  Zara and I did a summer fayre stall - me selling my weightloss boards and count down boards and she was selling her jewellery.  It was very wet unfortunately so the attendance was very poor.

Later the same day the family gathered and took Mum on the Severn Valley Railway evening fish and chip supper tour.  It was lovely and the weather was stunning - brilliant after such a soggy day.

This is Mum and her two babies (my brother and I!) at Bridgnorth.

What else?  Oh yes - I completed the "Legal Walk" around Birmingham! 8km if you please!  I certainly couldn't have done that when I was 45lbs heavier!

The dog has been shorn!  His coat was sooooo thick and itchy, and quite matted beneath where he gets silly and doesn't let us brush him out, so we took him to the doggydressers and they clipped him.  He looks about half the dog he was!  It's a little drastic I know but he really did need sorting out and it won't be this close a crop in future.  I think he'll appreciate it in the predicted warmer weather.  He looks sooo funny and his ears are HUGE!

Right - that's me all caught up with my news I think.  I'm off to catch up with all of yours now! 

Toodle pip!!

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