Saturday, 28 December 2013

Post Christmas Post

Hello lovelies.

I hope your festivities went without hitch and that you all had a peaceful time and enjoyed your day.

Here are some photographs from Christmas 2013 here at Peapods.

We had an impromptu visit to the German Market in Brum......... same old tat......same stalls in the same places.... nothing to new to see here!  I was pre-op and moody.  I took no joy from being here at all!  Miserable old cow that I am!

(I did love the colours of the felt stall though!)

And this colourful character made me smile from the tip of his baby pink mowhak to the tips of his electric blue brothel creepers!  What a dude!

They'd even sold out of Reindeer burgers.  Bugger!

The lights were prettiful though.  I do like a blue light!

Someone had a ripping time on Christmas day!

Daft dog!

I was embarrassingly and spectacularly spoilt as usual.  I got my much longed for Lumix camera *swoon* (the above pics were taken on my iphone just in case you were thinking how rubbish it was! lol), amongst lots of other lovely gifts.

We spent the day with immediate family at my brother's house where he and his lovely lady cooked a spectacular meal which I didn't know whether to eat or climb to the summit of.  In the end I managed about a third of it before my crampons gave out and I had to admit defeat.

We played silly games and chilled out in the afternoon.  My brother asked musical quiz questions in the style of Vic Reeves' pub singer which had me laughing so much my stitches were in dire threat of bursting.and a family rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody topped off the day.

Next day was a tad quieter and we visited the Cemetery to put some flowers on my Nan's grave and to the allotment to light a candle for Dad.  

I know it may sound odd, but the cemetery at Lye is one of the most beautiful sacred spaces I know. There are lots of huge, ancient trees there which I can gaze at for ages. The air was incredibly cold and crisp and the sun shone weakly through the branches.  I love this atmospheric shot I took just as I happened to glance across the graveyard. 

A very old ivy covered Celtic cross

More beautiful trees.  There was a huge branch on the floor just out of shot which was the result of the recent storm damage.

I'm in hibernation mode today.  I'm still recuperating from my op and don't really feel like doing anything very strenuous right now. I'm getting gastric pain every other day which is almost as bad as the gall bladder pain and it is, quite frankly, doing my head in and making me a little depressed.  I'm scared to eat anything at all now for fear of an attack.  The good thing about it is that I've lost 2 stones in weight!

 Man is threatening to do something cheffy with a couple of lobsters we have in the freezer.  I think I may have to request a plain jacket potato instead.  How times have changed!

See you soon!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A Merry One .....

From me and mine, to you and yours.  Bright Blessings.

Have the very best of times.

Lots of Love

All at Peapods xxx

Thursday, 19 December 2013


Hello lovely people

Thank you once again for your well wishes.

I had my op done on Friday and they kept me in until Sunday afternoon before discharging me.  I was very scared about the anaesthetic but that's the control freak in me - I HATE not being in control of my own body and don't do illness or infirmity very well at all.  As I have BUPA insurance via the dark and gloomy place, I took advantage of that and had my op done in a lovely private hospital very close to where I live.  The op went well - and when I came 'round they presented me with a sample bottle FULL to the brim with gall stones (delightful!!) which measure around .5 of a cm each - think pea shingle!!  I'm going to regravel the drive with them I reckon !! Although my other half delights in freaking the kids out by shaking them at them, I'll spare you from posting a photograph!!

I think the worst thing immediately post op was the removal of a 'drain' tube I had left in - I'm sure the nurse yanking it out left further bruising inside - it's a feeling I never want again.  She nearly had to peel me off the ceiling but did say that had she warned me how horrible it would feel then I wouldn't have let her do it!!

My recovery has been a bit up and down really.  Some days have been better than others.  Some days, like yesterday, were vile and I spent most of it berating myself for having the bloody thing done in the first place.  The nausea is the worst thing.  I feel constantly sick - again some days are worse than others - but I'm hoping that this is just because my body is adjusting to coping with having a bit of it being removed.   I've tried chewing fennel seeds - bleurghhhh!!! I hate aniseed and as fennel tastes like aniseed then I can't stomach them without heaving.  I tried peppermint tea which was no help at all.  I tried not eating.  I tried eating little and often - and nothing is working right now.  That said, it is still very early days and as usual I'm probably being a little too impatient with myself.  I want to be out and about and enjoying the run up to Christmas.  At the moment even washing my hair is a chore which leaves me feeling exhausted.

I'm sure I'll be back to fighting fitness very shortly.  In the meantime I'm thankful that I can snuggle and hibernate (and burp a lot).  Sigh.

See you soon!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Quick Catch Up

Hi to anyone who drops in to visit me - I'm sorry I haven't been around very much lately.  A very big thank you for the kind emails enquiring after my well being.  Very much appreciated from my blogging family x

As a family we've had a lot of "stuff" going on lately and I've needed to turn my attention to that so we can be the strong, supportive unit we always are in trying times.

During my blogging absence there have been some good times too, a lovely trip to Banbury and Oxford for me and the man, full of blissful relaxation in a wonderful hotel, great food,  Xmas shopping in gorgeous little shops and a meeting with a dear friend.

We've put up our Yule tree - a woodland theme this year - here's some pics:-

I'm off to hospital to have my gall bladder out tomorrow and to say that I'm a tad scared is an understatement as I've never had a general anaesthetic before.  I'm sure all will be ok and I shall see you on the flip side as they say ...erm... somewhere!

Be good - Santa's watching! ;)

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