Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Where on earth have I been?

Cooeee. I'm peeking from behind the curtains to see whether anyone is still there.  Thank you for your emails enquiring as to my whereabouts.  Truth be told I've been in a bit of a no man's land recently having lost direction a little.  There has not been much to blog about really, nothing that would make very interesting reading anyway.

Now I think about the last couple of months however, it seems that quite a lot has happened since I last blogged!

I've had a birthday
Man and I have become grandparents to l'il Bobby Charles :)
KTT has started his last year of school and has had a birthday
DD has started driving lessons
We had our annual Samhain party
Princess Leia went to the great chicken coop on the sky :(
Man and I had a wonderful trip to London and saw my beloved Omnia who were just as wondrous as I had hoped, as well as a trip to Camden Market (squeals of excitement) and paying homage to the sea of poppies at the Tower.  Oh yes. And nearly having my toes taken off by Prince Edward in his car.  Varmint!
Almost getting, but getting cold feet at the last minute, a new job.

I'm recovering from a temporal artery biopsy which happened yesterday.  I was awake during it and although it went well I do wish I had been knocked out for it now as it wasn't the most pleasant experience I have ever had!  Still, its done now and I just have to wait on results. Deep joy.

So here we are. The Wheel has turned again and we are halfway through November, hurtling towards Yule and into the season of cosy evenings, Clementines, pomegranates and hearty pot meals.  Hope you are all well. I've been lurking by your blogs and have been kept entertained by your goings on! Thank you all for making me smile.

Lots of love.

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