Thursday, 19 December 2013


Hello lovely people

Thank you once again for your well wishes.

I had my op done on Friday and they kept me in until Sunday afternoon before discharging me.  I was very scared about the anaesthetic but that's the control freak in me - I HATE not being in control of my own body and don't do illness or infirmity very well at all.  As I have BUPA insurance via the dark and gloomy place, I took advantage of that and had my op done in a lovely private hospital very close to where I live.  The op went well - and when I came 'round they presented me with a sample bottle FULL to the brim with gall stones (delightful!!) which measure around .5 of a cm each - think pea shingle!!  I'm going to regravel the drive with them I reckon !! Although my other half delights in freaking the kids out by shaking them at them, I'll spare you from posting a photograph!!

I think the worst thing immediately post op was the removal of a 'drain' tube I had left in - I'm sure the nurse yanking it out left further bruising inside - it's a feeling I never want again.  She nearly had to peel me off the ceiling but did say that had she warned me how horrible it would feel then I wouldn't have let her do it!!

My recovery has been a bit up and down really.  Some days have been better than others.  Some days, like yesterday, were vile and I spent most of it berating myself for having the bloody thing done in the first place.  The nausea is the worst thing.  I feel constantly sick - again some days are worse than others - but I'm hoping that this is just because my body is adjusting to coping with having a bit of it being removed.   I've tried chewing fennel seeds - bleurghhhh!!! I hate aniseed and as fennel tastes like aniseed then I can't stomach them without heaving.  I tried peppermint tea which was no help at all.  I tried not eating.  I tried eating little and often - and nothing is working right now.  That said, it is still very early days and as usual I'm probably being a little too impatient with myself.  I want to be out and about and enjoying the run up to Christmas.  At the moment even washing my hair is a chore which leaves me feeling exhausted.

I'm sure I'll be back to fighting fitness very shortly.  In the meantime I'm thankful that I can snuggle and hibernate (and burp a lot).  Sigh.

See you soon!


  1. You have had an operation, plus an anaesthetic and most of all, your body is having to adjust. Someone else on blog land has just had theirs removed and they are in the same position.

  2. glad all is well and you are recovering. I didnt get my gallstones! Mind you, they said my gall bladder was still infected, so maybe just as well LOL
    I can't remember feeling sick, it was more the other end (aren't we delightful!).
    Anyway I hope you will have the patience to get well slowly and let them all look after you. Have a great Christmas xx

  3. So glad you're home, though I doubt half as glad as you! :)

    Yes, probably being too impatient....another one here who cannot stand not being 'in control' so I do understand :( I find that mint tea rarely works for me in any case, maybe try a bit of ginger tea or lemon and ginger??

    Take good care m'lovely! {{H}}

  4. Sleep is probably the best medicine (if it's available). I do hope you'll be feeling well for Christmas; there's nothing worse than knowing that everyone else is having a good time, whilst you feel rotten. Very best wishes, Cro x

  5. I'm glad it all went well - hope you're feeling better very soon.

  6. Oh Kim, I've only just seen this post, so sorry! I hope you're feeling a lot better now sweetie, and just rest and let everyone else do everything!

    I had a drain pulled out long, long ago ... can still remember the feeling ... Gross!

    Have a fabulous Christmas, and put your feet up

    Love Claire xxx

  7. glad the op is behind you Kim, and that by now youre beginning to feel better, Hope christmas took your mind off things, and your family spoiled and looked after you!

    blessings to you, leanne x


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