Saturday, 15 December 2012

Dear Santa ........

Define Good .......... 

I've had to enable moderation of comments I'm afraid lovely people, as some far less lovely people than you are trying to utilise my little blog for yuksome advertising and I shall not stand for it.   

Be gone... vile people.  

Don't make me drop a house on you!


  1. I had one 'spam' comment recently; my first one. I can't tell you what they trying to sell, but it didn't sound too savoury. I simply deleted it and carried on as normal. I doubt if it'll return.

  2. I had to do that too Kim ... I was getting nasty, personal comments (untrue ones) about members of my family ... why do people have to ruin things for others?

    Hope you're ok, love the wicked witch pic!

    Claire xxx

  3. Unfortunately they targeted me as well and moderation became tiresome as there was just too many. So I left moderation on then ticked the 2nd box down Registered ID's - so far, it is working.


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