Sunday, 16 December 2012

But its not like Christmas at all!

Hello lovely readers

I've been looking at lots of every so prettyfull blogs this evening all full of sparkle and tinsel.  I'm ashamed.  There is nary a bauble to be seen in this house as yet and there is unlikely to be for at least another week.   The wallpaper is up and looks beautiful,the ceiling is painted and most of the woodwork is done.  We were supposed to rise early and tackle the rest of the emulsioning today.  Man has been doing major battle with a new ceiling rose however which has taken most of the bliddy afternoon!!  He had to take the light down and has had the devil's job to put it back up thanks to Dudley Council's bloody rubbish workmanship in the first place which has left the wiring almost inaccessible. SOOO frustrating. Talk about the best laid plans!!  To his credit, however, he refuses to be beaten and although it was touch and go as to whether we'd have a light this evening, it's done now - ceiling rose is still hanging off though and will be another job for tomorrow.  We've managed to put the first coat of emulsion on this evening but again with low light levels, this will need going over again tomorrow.

Lovely Mum came up to rescue me from my despair early this afternoon as I was battling a huge dose of "ARRRGH I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO STARTs"!  She's a marvel and had soon taken control of the situation.  With some hard work we've put away all of my crafting stuff which was beginning to take over the complete house.  All of this will, of course be transplanted (!) into my shed, however as this is lying supine on the patio under a large tarpaulin at the moment until project "decorate the lounge at the most stressful time of the year" is finalised, it's all gone back into the cupboard of doom underneath the stairs!

This week will be spent working, then shopping after work, wrapping, stressing, attending two work's functions  and, I guess, at some point I need to write a card or two.


Hope your week is a little less stressy than mine is shaping up to be!

Lots of love from The Grinch!


  1. Go with the flow. Grinch-n-all! Have a good week; I will.

  2. Nearing Cmas overload here, Kim. Have taken a few days 'off' and simply seeing to any hearthwifery duties that need tending . . . and breathing, lol.


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