Saturday, 29 December 2012

A December Kind of Daybook

Hello blogland - and a welcome to my new follower/reader TRUDIE!  Many thanks for joining me and reading my inane whitterings! 

So, as its a "slow news day" here at Peapods, *** I'm playing my December Simple Woman's Daybook card for some blog prompting.  Here's the link if you'd like to play along:


Outside my window...Well I'm not sure that you'll believe this but.... It is raining.  My, how its raining!  It seems to have been raining for weeks now.  It woke me in the night on several occasions; blown in great spluttery gusts against my window as if someone was throwing hand fulls of gravel at the pane.  The puddles are building in the garden and I'm thankful that we live at the top of a hill.  The dog stands at the back door looking out, then looking back at me as if to say "you're having a larf ain't ya?"

I am thinking... that I really need to get started on our dinner.  Minted lamb chops and crispy parmentier potatoes.  Sounds posh doesn't it?  Reality is that everything was reduced in Waitrose yesterday and is more or less prepared!  Lazy article I am!!

I am ever, for my family and for being able to celebrate Christmas surrounded by love, light and laughter. 

In the kitchen...a candle is burning, meat is defrosting, a lone mince pie is sitting awaiting its fate,  two piles of washing need to be removed and taken upstairs, and the new to us cooker is STILL waiting to be plumbed in.  

I am wearing... black jeans, a black crocheted cardy cover up thingie and a .........wait for it.   PINK TEESHIRT!  Shocked aren't you?! 

I am creating... nothing at the moment, although there are 5,427 unfinished projects dotted around the house awaiting my attention.  

I am going... to get off my bum.  Any.   Minute.    Now.  

I am wondering... how much more wet dog stink Harvey can possibly emit. 

I am reading...Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries II and swooning over both the recipes and his wonderful descriptions. 

I am hoping...  that 
2013 will be better.   Hopefully much better than this year, however the cynical old bag in me is hazarding a guess that I'll be repeating this ad inifitum for years to come!!

I am looking forward to... the weather becoming less bothersome and for my shed to be finished.  The structure is complete but the  cladding and insulating is yet to be done and I think we have some laminate flooring we can use in there too to make it extra cosy.  Once that is done then I can move in!  Well not literally - but you know what I mean! I can't move my papers in there at the moment as they'll become damp and go curly!

I am learning ... that nice things DO come to those who wait. Eventually.  You just got to grin and bear it whilst you're waiting.  Sometimes this may be a very long wait  Wear gum shields to protect your teeth from grinding in the interim and you'll be ok. 

Around the house... it is relatively peaceful (apart from the two different types of music emanating from the kids' rooms; and the bangy crashy sweary stuff emanating from the tv as LM is playing soldiers on the XBox.  It is also relatively tidy.  Bonus!

I am pondering...what to do on New Year's Eve.  We have been invited to a house party.  Quite frankly I would rather stick pins in my eyes but I don't want to be a party pooper if LM wants to go. 

A favorite quote for today... 

One of my favorite things... Today?  That's an easy one.  Not being at work!

A few plans for the rest of the week: No plans really apart from a visit to Mum's tomorrow.  I'd like to take the deccies down prior to my return to the D&G place on Wednesday, and, I think, I have a lunch date arranged with a girlfriend.  Thats about it really. 

A peek into my day...

Coffee - a staple part of our day.  We drink farrrrr too much.
Confuscious he say - may your kettle never be cold.
Or actually on reflection - that may have been me!

Love from Peapods!

*** Actually I have news of great import to impart.   Princess Leia laid an egg.  And it was Hewoooge!


  1. Congratulations Princess Leia ... ouch!

    Lovely chatty post, have a happy New Year and looking forward to catching up in 2013 Kim!

    Love, Claire xxx

    1. Thanks Claire - and to you too xx

  2. I wish my wretched hens would lay; they've been on strike for WEEKS. All sounds well; Happy New Year, Cro xx

  3. Brilliant post! Happy new year to you and your family x


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