Friday, 28 December 2012

Final Friday of 2012

Hello lovely people.

A very warm welcome to newly subscribed reader Tammy of  Thank you for stopping by.

I love being home - I can't tell you how much.  Today, however, I had a rare yearning to be out and about, and, as Lovely Man was snoozing after his nightshift, I took myself off down town to see what they were giving away.    I had a browse around the charity shops but there was nothing very exciting there.  I  popped into Boots, picked things up then put them down again after a realisation that I really didn't NEED any more body butter/shower gel/ bla bla bla - it's so easy to think  - ooh that's cheap!  But it's only a bargain if you really need it isn't it?  Our overspending really has to stop and therefore I came out (rather proudly) empty handed. 

After the rich, cloying tastes of Christmas fare, I'm positively craving fresh, clean tastes; something with a bit of a kick, and lots of vegetables.  I had some vouchers to spend in Waitrose, and therefore picked up some good quality fresh produce which had been reduced in price.  Crunchy orange and yellow peppers, long, spears of sweet red peppers, a bag of nutty sprouting seeds, (not quite sure what to do with these yet)  some tender green romaine lettuce, jewel-like fresh cranberries and some goats cheese.

 I was looking for Wensleydale with cranberries (for him) and some good Cornish Brie (for me) and it was good fortune to pick up a  reduced pack of assorted cheeses which included both of these plus some decent Stilton, Red Leicester and Cheddar to boot, for the same price I was about to pay for the two individual cheeses.  Bonus!    I fell in love with some sweet little pudding dishes which had been knocked down to £2 each and so four of these little beauties came home with me.  

My candles are lit now as I'm sitting here relaxing and browsing through my Christmas reading gifts.   I get through lots of candles and do spend silly amounts of money on them.  The bog standard cheap and cheerful ones are usually just dipped in scent which soon burns away and I find them to be smokey and sooty - not very clever against newly painted walls!   I usually favour Partylite wax  (I was a consultant for seven years and totally believed in my product!), and sometimes Yankee candles, but these really are getting to be stupidly expensive now.  I've been very impressed with these pretty little filled jars by Glade,  which burn for 30 hours each and I can totally recommend them.  They smell divine, particularly the spiced apple and cinnamon one which I have burning all the time!  It's sooo Christmassy, without being too overpowering, they burn cleanly and completely, and with the added bonus that they've been on offer in Wilkinsons for weeks I've bought some on every shopping trip.  The kids got me some as gifts too so I have a little stash now - a good thing as the scent I like is only available at this time of year.  If you're into your candles give them a try. **

I also got this one - which changes colour!  How?   I don't know - maybe it's witchcraft!  All I know is that it smells gorgeous and as soon as the flame is introduced to the wick, the glass jar begins to change colour.  Magic!  

Talking of apple and cinnamon - I've just eaten some gorgeous apple and cinnamon organic yoghurt (natch!) from one of my new little bowls!  YUM!   

** My blog has no affiliation to this manufacturer.  I just like the candles!

Happy Weekend everyone!  


  1. I have re-named Kirstie 'All-Soppy'. I managed to see bits of her Christmas shows, and she was behaving like a silly schoolgirl. What happened to her?

    1. Yes I've noticed the tendency to get a little over excited of late!

  2. Love your candle holder, that's so pretty. I had a huge oriental lantern for the garden, can;t wait for some dry (ha ha) weather to light it!

    1. Dry weather? What be that then?! I look forward to seeing pics of your new lantern - sounds wonderful!

  3. Big candle fan here too, Kim. My favs are those from Goddess & the Green Man, Yankee Candle and Voluspa.

    You're so right, the last two being very pricey! Will have a look in our Wilkinsons and see if there are any of the ones you mention left...quite a coup to find decently priced ones that actually have a good and long lasting scent, ty!

    1. Well there are at least two suppliers you mention that I need to check out so thanks to you too! Those ones I mention have year round fragrances too - I'm particularly in love with the honey and chocolate one which, although sounds disgusterous, smells divine! Hope you can find some. x


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