Friday, 21 December 2012

Solstice Blessings

In the Green Wood (from Mother Goose)

Oak-logs will warm you well,
That are old and dry;
Logs of pine will sweetly smell
But the sparks will fly.
Birch-logs will burn too fast,
Chestnut scarce at all;
Hawthorn-logs are good to last -
Catch them in the fall.
Holly-logs will burn like wax,
You may burn them green;
Elm-logs like to smoldering flax,
No flame to be seen.
Beech-logs for winter time,
Yew-logs as well;
Green elder-logs it is a crime
For any man to sell.
Pear-logs and apple-logs,
They will scent your room,
Cherry-logs across the dogs
Smell like flower of the broom.
Ash-logs, smooth and grey,
Burn them green or old,
Buy up all that come your way -
Worth their weight in gold.

My darling readers - Solstice Blessings upon you and yours - from me and mine.  May your yule logs burn brightly. xxx

p.s. - No work for 11 whole blissful days - I am one very happy lady!  


  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2013.

    1. And to you my dear. Thank you so much x

  2. I have a picture of an Oak log posted today. Otherwise we burn Chestnut (scarce at all?).

    Getting like Christmas now. The solstice behind us, and a new year approaching. Have a good holiday.

    1. And you too Cro. Have a wonderful and peaceful time. x

  3. And blessings to you Kim.

    11 days?! Whatever shall you do? lol

    1. Oh I'm sure I shall think of something!! ;)

  4. Hope all your wishes come true for you and your family, Kim, and looking forward to catching up in the New Year.

    Love from Claire xx

    1. Many thanks Claire - hope so too! x

  5. kim, I have a variation of that verse on the wall next to my fireplace, i cross stitched it.. i'll take a photo in the next few days an post it up for you to see! blessed yule and merry christmas to you!

    Leanne x

    1. Oh yes please I'd love to see it!

  6. Hi kim, pics up on my blog!

    Leanne x


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