Sunday, 9 December 2012

Two Blocks of Five!

Yes -  It's just  ten working days of the year left to go. Or 2 x 5 days. Come on.... we can do this guys!

**Runs up and down stairs with a towel round neck in a Rocky Balboa style and shadow boxes the Johnny Rotten poster hung outside the bathroom**

**Collapses in a heap gasping for breath**


So.  It's Sunday evening yet again.  It's going to be even MORE difficult to get up tomorrow morning because Lovely Man has got a whole four days off - and I have no holiday left.  Sniff.  The plus side is though that he won't be having to go to work when I'm going to bed. Yay!    He's also going to tackle decorating the lounge.  We've been doing a lot of preparation today.  I hate that bit and would quite happily slapdash over it and hope for the best, but Man won't allow it and has/will be stripped/stripping and sanded back everything to within an inch of its life.  Preparation is they key of course. *scuffs feet childishly* Still bliddy boring though!  

I'm keeping everything crossed that we will get our living room finished in time for C-mas so we can both have a lovely chill out without having to look at bare walls and scuffed paintwork.  I have every faith!

I found these pics on the t'interweb today.  They came up in my Facebook feed and made me chuckle so I thought I'd share them with you.

This first one may be quite topical if the weather forecast in the weekend papers was to be believed that a Siberian weather front is heading our way, equipped with arctic temperatures of epic proportions, snow inches deep and icy blast winds.  This does, however, seem at odds with the forecast on the telly - which isn't at all bad for this week!  Who knows what Momma Nature has up her sleeve.  I don't mind snow - but if its going to happen then I don't want any pussy footing around with a couple of centimetres here and a bit of frost there.   I want drifts up the front door which will prevent egress for at least a week!

The second sums up my feeling about the forthcoming period.

Hee heee.  

Hope your weekend was cosy and jolly and that you're all beginning to fa -la -effin' - la your heads off!!

Much love!


  1. I must admit that the only thing I'm looking forward to, is cooking the Turkey for our big day evening meal. I love doing it, and love eating it.

    1. I can take or leave turkey if I'm honest Cro - I'd rather have chicken!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I misread that first bit and had an image of you running up the stairs in towel and a feather boa....

  4. Love the pictures - especially the second one!
    Rose H

    1. Lol - Hi Rose - they're great aren't they?!


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