Saturday, 8 December 2012

This week ....

I have mostly been:- (in no particular order)

Coughing. A lot.

Candle burning.

Texting friends.


Forgetting to put the lottery on for our syndicate at work EEEEK!! (I was forgiven, thankfully).

Drinking black forest hot choccie out of unfeasibly heavy cups.

Crying (pah!)

Nail painting.

Listening to Linkin Park.  Loudly.

Listening to Radio 4.

(Linkin Park were not on Radio 4 oddly enough).

Rescuing 7,394 single socks from the furry jaws of doom.

Similarly, rescuing 7,394 tea towels from the furry jaws of doom.

Reconciling relationships with a friend.



Sunrise snapping.

Retrieving a pair of pants which had sadly not escaped the furry jaws of doom.

Loving my man.

Ordering C-word gifts from the internet.

Having my hair cut.

Spending far too much time dripping about on Facebook.  Methinks a New Year ban shall be put in force.  It has to be the biggest waste of my time ever!

Drinking coffee.

Listening to wind chimes tinkling in the breeze.


Failing in a massive way at making my own C-word cards.

Trying not to succumb to too many festive office treats.

Trying to convince myself that I'm looking forward to C-word.  Self is remaining unconvinced.

Baulking at the cost of everything and becoming a tad concerned that I am turning into Scrooge.

Listening to a Ralph McTell album (yes really!) and actually enjoying it (Yes really!).

Loving my family.

Despairing at the state of the house.

Rejoicing in the delivery of my shed!

Cooking a bloody fabulous veggie jalfrezi

Daydreaming about singing like Florence (out of Florence and the Machine).

Trying to justify (aided and abetted by the Man) that dipping into the C-word chocolate is not an arrestable offence if committed by consenting adults.

How was your week?!!


  1. I think I joined you in three of the above. Otherwise it's been all dog-walking, wood-chopping, and trying to stay warm.

  2. Sounds like my kind of week, Kim! Hope the crying's over ... Xx


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