Saturday, 1 December 2012

And so December begins!

Ok.  Mega - Stressy time knocked into touch for now and, cough, "Normal" service now resumed.   I'm challenging myself to post something for every day of December.  This may just be a photo or a quote, or a little crafty project I'm working on.  Whatever it may be, I do hope that you'll come to visit and say hello!

Last Saturday, I took Mum over to Birmingham for the afternoon.  As an early C-word present I had booked us in to watch the "Home for Christmas" concert by Andre Rieu and his orchestra at the cinema as Andre is her idol!  She was very excited!

The German market was on - and will be for another 3 weeks or so, however it rained sooooo heavily that we gave it up as a bad job and went for a bite to eat instead in Tintins Chinese Restaurant in Brindley Place.  

After feasting upon yuk sung and chicken with cashew nuts, we decided to see if the rain had abated a little.  It hadn't.  It was dark, dank, miserable, windy and very wet - so we ducked into an Irish bar for a glass of mulled wine instead.  The place was very lively as Ireland were absolutely thrashing the pants off Argentina, and it was a great atmosphere. , We sat and people watched for a while in the warm fug of the bar, sipping deliciously spiced, warm red wine.   We headed up to the cinema for around 4.30 (it was STILL raining and blowing a gale! and within the space of a few yards we lost one brolly to the elements!)  The cinema was busy but as I'd pre-booked tickets, we just had to collect them and take ourselves off to the screening.

Now Andre Rieu really isn't my cup of tea but having watched the concert I can appreciate why he is so incredibly popular.  His Orchestra seem to have such fun when playing and he does seem like a very charming guy.  The concert itself comprised much schmaltz and saccharine-sweet tableaux, however the setting of the grounds of his home was incredibly beautiful and festive.  The music featured popular Christmas songs and carols, and the second half moved on to carols.  We were ok until one of the singers performed "Oh Holy Night" (which was one of my Dad's absolute favourites) so beautifully we were sobbing by the end of it.

Nowt like a bit o' music to twang at the heartstrings is there?

Here's the trailer for what we watched, if you're interested.

So, a lovely day out spending quality time with my amazingly strong Mum.  I'm so glad that I got the tickets for her - she enjoyed it so much and she deserves to be treated.
You wouldn't like her when she's angry though!!

Keep warm now!


  1. Why is it that German Markets spring up everywhere at Christmas? We don't have them here.... (yet).

    I don't see the appeal.

  2. Glad you and your Mum had a good time Kim. I'm taking mine to the local concert venue next Saturday for an evening of brass band, orchestra and choirs celebrating Christmas. If that doesn't make us feel festive nothing will!


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