Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Deejays Day - 12.12.12 (!)

Did you get it?  One Two, One Two, One Two!  tee hee.  Sorry.

A bit of a momentous day today.  The last repetitive date we shall see.  It was a friend's birthday too - and she had actually been born at 12 minutes past 12, 27 years ago today!

I sent a text to my loved ones at 12.12pm to say that I loved 'em.  Seemed fitting really!

Enough of the date malarkey.  It was the first of two c-word meals out from work this evening.  We went to a local Italian Restaurant. As we went straight from work it did lack a little atmosphere as there was no-one else in the place apart from us!  The staff also seemed to be quite brusque, so to begin with the evening was a little flat.  Once the food was served, however, the staff seemed to become more friendly and were very attentive.  My choices were goats cheese bruschetta with roasted pear and pine nuts for my starter.  This was very tasty but was a big hunk of cheese on a single round of bread.  Very filling!   This was followed by rack of lamb with mash and roasted veg, which consisted of three tiny succulent cutlets arranged over a spoon of mash, surrounded by a very tasty rosemary 'jus' (rolls eyes!) and roasted root veg.  Pud was a classic tiramisu.  I'm always disappointed in puddings - they always seem to sound nice but when they arrive fail to live up to expectations.  This was no exception!  Relatively bland and nothing to write home about.   On the whole though the meal was ok.  We didn't have to pay for it so that made it even better!

One thing that made me laugh (cos I am 12 years old!) was the fact that I was sitting in direct eye line of a lovely (ahem) mural of some naked bloke reclining on a bed of acorns.  The waiter took great delight in pointing out that he was a "real Italian man" accompanied by much suggestive wiggling of eyebrows.

I'm just glad that sausage wasn't on the menu.   It would have put me right off!


  1. I don't like visiting restaurants where I end up thinking I could have done better myself, for a fraction of the price; regardless of who was paying. Unfortunately that's often the case!

    1. Agree wholeheartedly. Standards are shoddy nowadays methinks.

  2. Can't imagine that lying on a bed of acorns would be the most comfortable of places?

    Glad you had a lovely evening though!

    Claire xx

    1. Well he didn't look very comfortable to me Clarie! x

  3. If there was a 'spit' smilie it would be appearing here right now!

    All Gogs would know what I mean!


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