Thursday, 27 December 2012

Post Christmas Post!

Hello my darlings

I hope that you all had the best festive season ever and that you are all able to relax a little now that the manic-ness is over.

In all honesty, I didn't know what I'd be feeling on Christmas Day.  I was expecting a kind of numbness and a sense of loss, it being the first without my Dad.  However, after the kids had opened their gifts and taken a trip over to their other family for an hour or two, I quietly lit a candle next to his picture and wished him a Happy Christmas.  I'll admit to a few tears then, but thankfully they were the only ones that day.

We spent the afternoon and evening at my brother's house and had the loveliest time.  In fact, I would go as far as to say it was the best Christmas day I can remember.  The house was cosy, warm, and full  of laughter and love.  Just perfect.

Happy Feet!

SpiderGran and Bat-boy!
These last couple of days have been spent quietly and that's no hardship.   I really do love this time of year.  The frenzy has settled, the days are drowsy, the candles are lit and there is much needed down-time in which to sit quietly and to appreciate what you have.

I've spent a few hours this afternoon catching up on posts on my favourite blogs, drinking coffee and snuggling on the sofa  Pretty darn near perfect I reckon!

Wishing you much lazy-dom and cosy-ness until next time.

With love,



  1. Glad you weren't too down hearted, I'm sure your dad wouldn't have wanted that. Love the feet. Have a great New Year.

  2. Hi! Lovely photos as usual, looks like a fantastic day was had despite the hole left. Thanks toofor the lovely comment you left for me earlier.
    BH x
    *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*


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