Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sausage Rolls and Christmas Spoons

Hello Bloglies

First of all I'd like to say a huge "THANKS" to those of you who take time out of your day to read my blog. I had 205 page views yesterday which for a little blog about nothing of much consequence is quite an achievement in my book. Thank you xx

I needed to use up some stuff from the fridge today; in particular some sausage meat and a sheet of ready made puff pastry  You'll never guess what I made


You did guess didn't you?!


Well let me tell you they weren't just your average common or garden sausage rolls.  They were posh ones.  So there!

First of all I divided the sheet of pastry into three, then mixed up a few tablespoons of packet stuffing mix with some hot water.  I then mixed the stuffing into approximately half a pack of sausage meat and made sure it was well combined using my hands to squish it together.  I then divided the sausage meat between the three pastry sheets, ensuring that it was well spread out.

For a little added interest, I spooned a little caramelised onion chutney over the sausage meat.

I then folded the pastry over to meet at the edges, using a little egg wash to make it stick, and then crimped the edges with a fork 

I had to ignore a grossly over-acting border collie at this stage who intimated that he had not been fed for WEEKS!

Do not accept begging requests from this dog.

On to a baking tray then where each long sausage was cut into dainty bite size morsels.  Some more dainty than others it seems. 

And the end result - puffed and flaky, crispy, golden and very tasty, best fresh from the oven as with any savoury bake.  The onion chutney gives a mildly sweet tangy bite to these sausage rolls and I'm happy to report that they are were a big hit with everyone.   

OI!! Get yer hands off!

This afternoon we wandered down to Mum's for Sunday dinner.  My barmy brother and his (very tolerant and in need of an award for bravery) girlfriend were there too and the seven of us had a lovely afternoon eating and chatting.  Now I may have mentioned before that my darling brother really is a bit nuts.  He has us in absolute hysterics sometimes with his lunacy and this afternoon was no exception.

Now, I know that you really do have to 'be there' sometimes to appreciate what other people consider to be hilariously funny but my sides are still aching at his self-penned rendition of 'Christmas Spoons', ("Christmas spoons, Christmas spoons, Little Christmas spooooons" to the tune of Jingle Bells) accompanied by dancing spoons of differing sizes wearing Santa hats.  When he can work out how to make the video public on YT I shall share it with you. 

(Go on admit it - you're now singing 'Christmas Spoons' in your head aren't you?!!)

Tis the last day of 2012 tomorrow (I'm a mine of very useful information, me).  What plans do you have for New Year's Eve?  

I shall post again tomorrow, but if you don't have a chance to get back here to Peapods, I shall see you on the flip side and wish you and yours a very Happy New Year. 

Love love xx


  1. Hello Kim, I'm not really a fan of sausage rolls, but yours look gorgeous! Christmas Spoons is running around my head now and won't go away ....

    Thanks for your lovely comments earlier, and please keep me entertained in 2013 ... Always look forward to your new posts, very well written and witty.

    Have a lovely New Year

    Love Claire xxx

  2. I shall be staying in, with a glass or two of rouge, and watching Jools (if I can stay up that long). I wish you a staggeringly sensational 2013. Cro xx


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