Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bad Timing?

So.  Who in their right mind starts decorating two weeks before Christmas then?

Oh.  That'll be us!

Never mind though - only the skirting boards to gloss, the cupboard to strip and sand and varnish,  the door to strip and sand and varnish, the wallpaper to be put up on one full wall, the emulsioning to be done on the other three walls, new curtains to hang, everything to be put back in place and a light fitting to replace.

And the kids want to put the tree up.

I may emigrate.

Never mind - I can open the first of my advent gift swappy gifts tomorrow! Something to look forward to at least!


  1. We've taken a vote here, and decided on NO TREE this year. We do have an alternative, of which I shall post a snap later.

  2. lol ;)

    If I had been able to stop in town for a praline mocha (drink of choice at the moment) I'd share it with you, but here.... have a few pieces of Baileys fudge instead.

    Oh! And do not emigrate!

  3. Sounds like my house! No chance of my hall being finished for Christmas, and yesterday we had to move the outside freezer in there because the electricity in the garage keeps tripping. It needs wallpapering, painting, new doors hanging, new banisters fitting, new meter cupboards building, new flooring and stair carpet laying, and KL's new boyfriend is coming round for the first time today - oh joy! I have got the tree up though ( but not the one that goes in the hall)!


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