Sunday, 29 June 2014

Day 46 - Alternative Sunday dinner

We can take or leave a roast in this house. More often than not we're busy doing stuff outside in the summer and I get terribly mardy if I have to stay indoors to prepare a big meal. 

Today has been no exception. We were working on the mosaic for most of the morning (will share that in it's finished form in due course. It's awaiting grouting at the moment). I also wanted to catch up on some crafting which involves cutting out 100s of paper shapes (don't ask!!). 

So, tonight's tea was a bit of a fajita type affair so everyone could just grab what they wanted with minimal input from me or LM.   I stir fried some chicken breasts and added a fajita style sauce from a jar, caramelised a few onions in some balsamic vinegar, shredded some iceberg and grated a bit of cheese for those who fancied it.  A couple of bags of corn chips came to the party too. 

I had a packet of veggie meatballs in the freezer which had been kicking around for a while so I defrosted those and made a very quick ragout type sauce from onions, a tin of tomatoes, garlic purée, tomato purée, a little sugar (makes tomato based sauces taste more tomatoey don't you know!), a splash of balsamic, salt, pepper and a spoon of ras el hanout paste. Then I bunged the veggie balls in to the sauce.  There is enough of this left to take to work tomorrow with some salad. 

We usually have this in soft tortilla wraps but yesterday I found something that was far more fun!   Stand and stuff tortillas!  Yay! 

They are so good I shall award a gold star to the inventor of them!   You can stuff them to your hearts content and they're sturdy enough to tuck into without fear of fajita sauces running down your arms! They're not cheap at £2.00 for eight but they were a great treat and good novelty value too. Plus they did a sterling job of handling lots of yummy filling!!  I heated them in the microwave for 30 secs but I guess if you want them to be crispy you could bake them gently for a while. 

They were really well received by the famalam and I would definitely buy them again. These would be great for parties and picnics too I reckon. (Hiding from the frugalistas as I type!!)

*please note that the above review is my own and no freebies or sponsorship were  received*. (Although I'm open to offers cos I'm a mercenary old bag on the quiet).   Snigger.  

Love love!!


  1. I'm with you; I love those tortilla bowls. What took them so long to invent? We do no muss, no fuss on all weekends which means 10 minute meals or we eat out.

  2. Eat your own plate? Hmmmm, not too sure.


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