Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 40. An Oasis in the city

Hello lovely ones!

Isn't it glorious to have some actual summery rays beating down? 

After my scan this morning I decided that it was far too much hassle to take the combination of a bus, two trains and another bus to get back to work, so I called up and asked politely if I could write today off as leave. It was agreed to and so the fella and I wandered into Brum to potter around for an hour or so.  

We partook of a cheap as chips (but far tastier) lunch and then went off in search of an oasis. 

Oasis has been in Brum for years and years. At least forty if we're counting. I spent many a Saturday afternoon in here in my yoof, a bit squiffy from one too many lunch time beverages in Edwards rock bar, Mr Bills Bier Keller and the sleazy ole underground Costermonger pub. 

Oasis is just that. An oasis of alternative clothing, jewellery and music in a barren wasteland of faceless high street mundanity. 

A place where, over several floors, you can find the craziest hair colours, the grooviest bags, body piercing, tattoo parlours, burlesque supplies and lots of other gloriously off beat stuff. 

I didn't mention shoes did I?  Oh the shoes!!

Crazy wall art. 


Gig announcements.

Bondage trousers!

Indian head dresses.  Y'know. Just in case you need one!!

The mannequins in Selfridges don't look like this one!!

You can hang out with the bats. 

Replace your angel wings. 

Plan a steam punk party outfit. 

Get airbrushed !

Buy a new necklace. 

Or buy a new Mohican riding hat. 
'Vintage' shops are springing up in a couple of units too. Oddly enough they're probably re-selling the stuff people had originally bought from Oasis twenty odd years ago!

The scent of joss sticks and Indian cotton and browsing through goth clothes in the basement made me feel about 20 again. If only I could get away with wearing it all over again. I could have spent hundreds!!

As it was, we bought something to put by for the forthcoming grand baby. 

Somehow I don't think mommy will approve!!

Rock an' roll!!


  1. Since taking up bedlam border morris I have become more that acquainted with some of this type of gear. I even own a pair of New Rock shoes but they're too heavy to dance in! I am quite sure I'd love it.


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