Saturday, 28 June 2014

Day 45 Fox on the run

An old school pal of mine drives for a container skip company.  This morning he came back from one of his driving  runs only to find out that he had a stowaway lying on the cover sheet of his container who had hitched a ride back to the yard from Wednesbury. 

I'll just quote what he put up on the book of face.   "I'd just like to say that no animals were hurt in the removal of foxy. I just gently rolled the easy sheet back & he jumped onto the cab roof I then tried to move the truck towards the toilet block so he could jump onto the roof but he scrambled down the side of the cab &run off up the road....😊"

Thanks Darren for letting me share these pics.  


  1. He does look a bit scruffy. Not at all like his beautiful country cousins. Off to the Fox Parlour with him!

  2. Obviously just fancied going out for a ride! He must have wondered what was going on when the truck started to move xxx


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