Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 43 - Thursday Conundrums....

Hiya Bloglie people!

Thanks for your ratty suggestions - I think we only have one option really and that is to bait some traps as we don't know how many we are dealing with and don't know where or if there is a nest of the buggers  More worrying is the very timely reports on the national news tonight that a breed of 'super' rat which is becoming immune to the usual poison is becoming very prevalent

A note to Sheryl who left a comment on yesterday's post - Sheryl I'm so sorry, my phone has been playing up and I think I've accidentally deleted your comment rather than publish it as was intended.  Your mention of the website is very helpful though and one I have saved for future reference.  Thank you!

Not much to report tonight.  There is, however, a growing undercurrent of dissatisfaction in the workplace once more, this time on the very sticky subject of salaries.  I'm not sure whether the powers that be imagine that we are far too naive to be checking out job agency websites for indications of salaries when a new position is advertised, or whether they simply don't care.  The issue here is that they are bringing new people in on far higher salaries than the people who are already doing the same job and who have been doing for years in some cases. This is now becoming common knowledge.  Salaries are a taboo subject aren't they which is why I feel that  a more transparent pay structure should be in force and I also wish there was something we could do to press for one.  It's very disheartening to know that a newbie has come in on at least a couple of grand more than you are on.  We don't have a Union.  At the risk of being a Militant Millie I do think something should be done - trouble is everyone is standing around being annoyed and unhappy, but ask them to band together for the common good and they run away from a potential conflict.

Sticky situation eh?


  1. The UK needs a 'Ministry of Proportions'. This would ensure that people who kick a ball about don't get £300,000 a week, and that hard working office staff get a fair whack.

  2. This is also common practice now in the public sector and is causing discontent, morale is very low and people can't just leave and find another job. What on earth makes employers think that they are going to get the best out of an unhappy workforce? X


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