Thursday, 5 June 2014

Day 23 - It's been a little 'Otter today!

Tee hee

Just my little jokette!

More animal pics from Cotswold Wildlife Park

Otters this time! Natch!

I love otters. Could watch them for hours. There were about six in this enclosure and they had loads of room to play- and play they did! They were gamboling around with each other, playing with pebbles and diving under the running water.  The sun made their furry little bodies glisten in the sunlight.  They were so bloomin' quick though they were really hard to photograph and the majority of my pictures have half an inch of tail exiting stage right on them and nothing more!

This batch was the best of a bad lot really.

This little beauty was trying to get a pebble from beneath that rock for ages!

Such sweet little faces!

The photograph below makes me laugh though!    They look like they're having a major domestic don't they?!  Look at that henpecked look! She's giving him a shove and he's saying "Alright luv, don't get your knickers in a twist. Sheesh!" 

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