Sunday, 22 June 2014

Day 39 - All the pretty things ...

This is what I've been playing with this afternoon!  Lovely pretty shiny things!  What are they for?  Well.  You'll have to watch this space!! 

I've got an insect bite on the back of my leg. It's so painful a lion may as well have taken a chunk out of me. My leg is swollen, red and angry.  I may cry.  This is certainly not my year health wise.  I have an MRI scan tomorrow too. Joy!!  

Hope your Sunday was warm and sunny and you have had prettyful things to play with too!

With love xxx


  1. Oooh painful, I hope it improves soon. Good luck tomorrow xxx

  2. Good luck with the MRI. Some insects do give a nasty sting, we usually use witch hazel or if really bad, an anti-histamine cream.

    1. Thank you :) Yes I've had to resort to anti-histamine cream. It's particularly horrible!!


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