Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Day 28

Hello there!  Yet another sunshiney rainy day today here in the Midlands turning from hot balmy sunshine to thundery torrential rain without warning and sometimes we got both at the same time!

I treated my bestie to dinner this evening in lieu of a birthday present. We sat in a lovely spot, snug in a cosy corner bathed in sunlight whilst we chatted and ate far too much.  

Later we took our after dinner coffees outside and sat by the canal until the sun sank to the back of the building and it became a little too chilly to stay any longer.  

It was light very late this evening and still quite light at ten of the clock!   It seems strange to think we only have a couple of weeks to midsummer when the daylight will begin to shorten again. 

I do hope we get at least a bit of summer.  I have trays of bedding plants to plant and the rain is stopping play!

Happy Tuesday!  

1 comment:

  1. We were promised a 'Violent Storm' yesterday; but nothing. So it's out with the watering cans again.


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