Sunday, 1 June 2014

Day 19 - reasons to be cheerful

I had a great morning out with LM spending some hard earned cash as a treat. Purchases included:-

Four beautiful fuschia plants which had been reduced in Home Bargains to £1.49 each. They're really healthy little plants so hopefully they will bring a much needed splash of colour to the garden. 

A break for breakfast in a coffee shop where we watched the world go by and counted our blessings. 

A bag full of new crafty stash for me. Cos I need it. Oh yes I do!  

Some pretty new solar lights to illuminate the pots. We do like our solar lights!  

We've had a fab weekend which always makes up for the long old working week. 

The department move into new premises next weekend and this week will be a blur of packing up and shipping out. If I break any nails I shall not be cheerful at all!

Hope you're all cheery chappies too!

P.S. Thanks for your comments about the blood tests yesterday. They're testing KTT for glandular fever and also for allergies in light of the urticaria episode he had recently.  Hopefully the results should be in this week. 

P.P.S. LM just came downstairs after his bath complaining that he must have had the bath a bit too hot as his back was stinging. 


Forgot that you cut the hedge with no shirt on this afternoon didn't you luv?!  



  1. And someone's had the felt tips out while he was asleep!

  2. ooh that looks painful! Hope he'll remember the sun cream next time!


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