Sunday, 15 June 2014

Day 32 - The Head Gardener (up in the sky)

So another Father's Day passes without 'my Star'.    I'd like to share a photograph with you.  This was Dad in one of his favourite parts of the world - Llandrindod Wells on Mum's cousin's farmland, doing what he loved best - helping someone out!  He looked quite at home didn't he?

My brother has penned this wonderful poem dedicated to him.   I bawled my eyes out this morning when I read it but you know me - I'm a complete wuss!!

Head Gardener up in the sky. ..

The seed that you tenderly planted
Grew into your only son,
And the vines that supported his growth were your arms,
And your love became second to none.

As a seedling you kept him warm and safe and provided a pot for his bed,
A greenhouse in Lye to nurture new growth,
Making sure he was watered and fed.

And as the seedling took on new growth and developed itself into a man,
You checked on it's roots and gave light to the plant with your wisdom like only dads can.

The plant grew and soon was established you made it feel "best in show"
You weren't overlooked by the man in the clouds he was making new plans for you.....

He offered a new job in Eden with a plot that was fertile and green,
He told you that clouds were much easier to plough and to you this just seemed like a dream.

When you left me to take on your new job,
I lifted myself out of my pot,
I promised I'd look after mom and Kim and take good care of your plot....

Without you it's difficult sometimes, could never be you but I'll try,
Thank you for your love and your wisdom, head gardener up in the sky.


S'lovely innit?

Lovely Mummy has been here today helping me regain control of my errant garden.  We've planted pots and moved things, she's swept and tidied whilst I made dinner.  Man made a new step for in front of my shed and emptied out the big heavy wooden planter and filled it with compost ready for me to plant more bedding plants next week.  Its looking good again.

Here - have a look!

The Roses are just coming into bloom - loads of buds on! 
The little acer seems to be liking its new home

The rose smells divine - real old fashioned, appley-rosie scent (if that makes sense).


Lots of dense, double blooms 

Last year's cordylines are doing well.  Our garden is extremely windy
and long strap leaves like this tend to get shredded very quickly.
The little red acer I bought a couple of weeks ago is already curling its leaves to crisps
in protest.  Boo to that! 

Up in the secret garden, the border has bushed out really well since last year.  I need to get some more bark mulch as there are lots of gaps appearing already above the weed cover.

This hydrangea was blue when we got it last year and I've been keeping everything
crossed that it likes where it is planted so that the true colour comes again this year.

YAY!!  Looking good!

The explosion in a  paintbox rose is also coming into bloom.  I do love this in all its showy

This "Auntie May" from down t' lottie was nobbut a mere
stripling of a lass this time last year.  Me thinks she may need
keeping an eye on!

The pod garden.  
All tidy at last and the sun circle nice and clean for the upcoming Solstice. 
The plants just need to show a little
colour now and all will be right with the world.   

Wonder what the Head Gardener 
up in the sky would make of it?

Hope your Sunday was marvellous darlings! 

With love x


  1. That is a beautiful, well written and thoughtful poem, well done to your brother. It must have been nice having a dad you loved and could relate to. Unfortunately, not all of us did:(

  2. The poem is beautiful Kim - made me teary- again. Seems it's one of those times, but it will pass.
    Your garden is looking fabulous - absolutely love the roses. My hydrangea is blue too, though not quite as dark as yours yet this year.

  3. Aw, Lee's poem was lovely, Kim. No wonder you shed a tear.

    I enjoyed my little wander round your garden. It's all looking trim, shipshape and will be even nicer when the flowers come. I bought a beautiful blue hydrangea last year as well and am watching anxiously to see the colour.

    Keep your fingers crossed! x


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