Monday, 16 June 2014

Day 33 - Green Spaces in Noisy Places

I'm sitting on a garden bench waiting to start my Samaritans shift. It's been a hectic day as usual and I'm grateful for an hour's peace without the phone ringing incessantly or demands being made for various tasks to be completed. Instead I'm just sitting. Just being.  I've eaten a prawn sandwich and a banana milkshake cos that's how I roll. 

I'm looking up at this:  

I can look down on this 

And a little way in between is this 

I can hear magpies, crows, starlings, sparrows, a robin who is sitting on the fence but flies off every time I lift the phone to capture him, an angle grinder, traffic, voices chatting over the fence and the distinctive sound of ACDC's Back in Black drifting over in the breeze.  

I could be anywhere. But today I'm at the back of a busy High Street in a run down Black Country town.  Just being. 


  1. I think your 'run down Black Country town' sounds pretty good.

  2. Some days, just being is enough.


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