Monday, 28 July 2014

Day 74 - Dogged Obsession

I've just realised that we've had Harvey the Hooligan for three years this week.  Goodness me!  

He was just six months old when he came to live with us and whilst he's calmed down a 'little' he's still as mad as a box of frogs on speed!

This was him back then, a couple of days after we had him.

And this is now.  This was taken this afternoon and he's basically saying "Hello Mom.  I'm a good boy I am.  I'm sitting here looking up adorably because I love you.  It has nothing to do with the fact that you and Dad are eating scones.  Dribble.  Oops Didn't meant to say that".


The list of Harvey's obsessions is getting longer every day.   He's a very clever dog and you don't have to show him something more than a few times for him to work it out - whether it's a good thing or not!

Obsessions are as follows:-

  • Spinning on the sun circle three million billion times each day with a bit of old string he's had for years and refuses to ignore.  And no, I'm not exaggerating. 
  • Putting stones on your feet so you can throw them for him.  Ignore him and he'll keep putting them there ad infinitum. He will not bore of this.  Ever.  
  • Jumping mid air snapping his jaws at flies. 
  • Getting out of the back door before you, taking your knees out in the process so you're left wobbling on the step and he's half way up the garden.  He knows this is wrong.  He is told twenty million times every day to wait.  Forget to say wait and he'll barge past.  Say wait and he'll barge past you anyway at a slightly slower velocity. 
  • Going outside.  Even if he's just come in from being outside.  Even if he's been outside ALL bliddy day.  If you close the door and then open it again, he'll run out like he's been set free from a terrible prison. 
  • Running after the cat.  Always.  He has to chase him.  He doesn't actually do anything to him but he's incredibly jealous of any attention given to anything other than him. I wish the cat would box him on the nose but he just runs - and Harvey pursues!
  • When he gets told off about anything -(barking too vociferously, picking up stones, chasing the cat) he will bounce at the chicken wire and shout at the chickens.  The chickens look at him, cast their eyes skywards and say "Bitch. Please".  
  • The television.  He will hear you pick the remote control up from the top of the garden and dash in to glare intently at the controller in your hand.  Why he does this we have no idea.  
  • Emmerdale.  He knows the music.  He knows exactly when the lurcher is going to walk across the screen.  He stands on his back legs and barks at him every time.  Sigh.  
  • Coronation Street.  The Meerkats.  He doesn't like them. Simples.
  • Eastenders.  He'll sit and listen to the music.
  • Football.  He will dance around on his hind legs watching the ball intently for ages.  He has more of an interest in football than I will ever have. 
  • The Trivago advert.  Shhh.  He doesn't like the woman whispering. 
  • The steam iron.  How he hasn't got his nose burned or steamed off by now is a miracle. 
  • Aerosols.  Of any kind.  Anyone can attempt to spray something in any room in the house and he will be at your feet before you have taken the lid off. 
  • Picking the tiniest bit of paper up off the floor and touching your leg with it to attract your attention and then when you demand he puts it in your hand he'll dance off just out of reach and bow with his arse in the air laughing at you. 
  • Mops, Brooms, Hoovers.  
  • Watering cans.  He is tripping me over as soon as I pick up the watering can and doesn't leave my side until I've finished watering, sticking his head under the stream of water until he's locked in the house (waiting to barge out of course at the first given opportunity).
I'm bound to have forgotten another 27. 

He's a sod.  But he's intelligent, kind hearted, funny, loving and a constant source of amusement. 

Bless him! 


  1. What a wonderful tribute to Harvey - he looks like a terrific member of the family xxx

    1. He certainly is Fran - a personality all of his own!

  2. I'm assuming he is a rescue dog? If so wonder what he did in a previous life?

    1. He's a rescue dog in that we rescued him before he was sent to the rescue centre lol. My brother was in the right place at the right time and so was able to take him for the old guy who couldn't cope with his boisterousness any more.

  3. Oh cripes he sounds just like my recently departed cat who thought she was a dog..mine used to go round the back of the TV to look for the snooker balls when they disappeared into the pockets!

    1. LOL! That's exactly what Harvey does too!

  4. and I bet he could re-wire the house if he could hold a screw driver!

    1. I wouldn't be at all surprised Kath!

  5. This made me laugh, he sounds a bit like our dog, well except ours doesn't have quite so much energy, but open the door and he charges out there, no matter how often it happens, like you say, its like he's been locked up all day! Your dog sounds like a well loved member of your family :D x

    1. He is - although the door thing does my bloomin head in! Imagine if humans did that every time a door was opened! LOL!

  6. He's gorgeous and sounds like a right character, too. xxx


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