Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Day 49 - .... and it was all yellow

At around 9pm this evening, everything was bathed in an eerie yellow light.  I half expected a storm to be brewing. The stillness of the garden was curious and the field seemed to beckon to me, whispering through the tall privet hedge "come see, come see ...."

I felt a little like Alice in Wonderland as I made my way out of the back gate.  I haven't been out there for a few weeks and the greenery has exploded somewhat!  It's all overgrown and bushy and verdant and thrusting and "at the height of Summer-y"!  The nettles outside the gate are at shoulder height on the bank and as vicious as you like; their spiteful fronds leaning over to nip you as you brush past. As usual there wasn't a soul in sight,  It was that golden hour in-betweeny time,  just before the day shift beds down for the night and the night shift are yet to rouse.  The ubiquitous swallows and martins were out in force, diving and wheeling overhead, screeching to each other as they hoovered up their mid-air banquet.

The farmer appears to be growing animal feed beans again this year

Quaking grass shivering in the very faint breeze

It really was all yellow!

Hey Mr Bee - you're up very late - have you gone to sleep inside that Foxglove? Is it a temporary bee tent?

Yellowy clouds

The verge of the field is smothered in different grasses

Greeny yellow spurge

It's very still.  And very quiet.  And there is still no sign of the summer storm I was sure was on its way.

See you soon x


  1. We also had yellow billowing clouds last night; some things seem to be universal.

    1. Something quite reassuring about that Cro.

  2. Lovely pictures Kim ... you've captured the evening perfectly!

    Hope you're ok and recovered well, I've been awol for a while now, so hoping to catch up with everyone soon

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Hello lovely lady - nice to see you again.. Hope you're ok and that you feel up to posting again soon xx

  3. you're still dreaming about Chris Martin aren't you, I can tell ...

    1. And here's me thinking I'd got away with it!!


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