Monday, 21 July 2014

Day 68 - New Horizons

Blimey it's been a hard day today.  Unpacking box after box of medical records, trying to cram belongings in to half the desk space we had before we moved offices.  Yadda Yadda!  

On the plus side,  I now have this vista to look out on. 

That's the canalside side!

And this is part of my walk to the bus stop at nearby Merry Hill. 

I passed this flotilla of geese as I walked home.  They made me smile as they were all in a perfect line. One behind the other. 

With a loan rear gunner following behind!

I shall look forward to seeing the seasons change from our third floor eyrie.  

Big boss man bought us all ice creams today by way of thanks for our efforts.  He's also offered us drinks in the local 'spoons at half past four tomorrow. Be rude not to wouldn't it?!  

I'm so stiff I need to go and soak in the bath. But I may need winching out if I seize up !!

Love love. Xx


  1. That's a great view, it'll be lovely to watch the seasons change from your new office. Hope you feel better after the bath!

  2. Having a good view to look at and daydream helps make the work day go by quicker.

  3. I was going to say that you could see if anyone stole your car, but then you tell us that you take the bus. Looks nice.


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