Saturday, 26 July 2014

Day 73 - Shine On Saturday

Another Scorcher here in the BC.  I think its been hotter today than in the week  - almost unbearable at times.

Nevertheless there are always jobs to be done aren't there? Man was off doing manly things up the garden with hedge trimmers and drills and I stayed in the house getting all the jobs I'd usually do on a Sunday done today out of the way.  There's another load of washing to go out first thing tomorrow if the weather stays dry and I shall hopefully be able to get to do some weeding too. We're having a big purge on the garden as him indoors has a rather notable birthday occurring very shortly after we come back from holiday and I don't want to leave everything until last minute.

The buzzard has been hovering and soaring just over the top of the house for most of the day, calling plaintively and sending the chickens in to paroxysms of stressy chuntering. There have been as many as five overhead at times when the family has been raised, but today there was just one, being bullied by the crows and magpies if he came too low.  Bully birds!

The soft fruit is so plentiful and cheap at the moment I went a little overboard yesterday when it was knocked down.  By this morning, though, it had begun to collapse so although 30 degrees of heat isn't really conducive to heavy, hot puds - the addition of ice cream will of course help the apple, raspberry and blackberry crumble down nicely! 

There we go then, a post full of outright drivel and nothing of importance - sorry about that!
Hope your Saturday was a right little belter!! xx


  1. oh it has been hot. I was out for a couple of hours and my thermometer (I'm a saddo, I carry one with me!) showed the general air temperature around 34 degrees C - I felt really ill by the time I got home and went to bed for a few hours - I'm hopeless in hot weather!

    Your pudding looks great!

    1. I'm not surprised you felt ill! These high temps just leave me feeling tired and stressy if I'm anywhere other than home!

  2. Blackberries are just starting here too; me and Monty eat our fill each morning (Bok doesn't care for them).

    1. LOL! Well I've never heard of a dog liking blackberries before - that said ours eats cucumber!


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