Saturday, 19 July 2014

Day 66 - Simple Woman's Daybook

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Outside my window...
Night is drawing in.  The evenings are shortening already but today isn't helped
by the heavy black clouds which have sat just above the roof tops all day. 

I am thinking...
that I really do need to re-start my 5:2 regime without any further delay. 
Months of surviving on bread sticks and dry jacket potatoes when I was ill was great for the weightloss but I've made up for it ridiculously since beginning to eat normally again without living in fear of chronic pain.  I love food.  I love its tastes and different textures but I'm damaging myself with it again.  I need to kick myself in to touch and there is no time like the present. 

I am thankful...
for a roof over my head, a full belly (too full actually!), my family, my partner, 
my life in general.

In the kitchen...
usual detritus from Saturday's Supper.
I cooked home made bhajis and pakora this evening with mint raita and a packet of poppadums.  Simple.  Cheap. Delicious. 

I am wearing...
Orange and black.  Yep.  Orange.  Me!  Shocked aren't you?!

I am creating...
a journal page which involves angel wings and cutting out hundreds of metallic 'feathers' which is taking farrrrr longer than anticipated!  I need to finish this tomorrow as its for a journal swap with my friend. 

I am going...
nowhere at present and I'm as happy as Larry about that. 
I'm going on holiday to Porthcawl in a couple of weeks.  Just a few days in a little 
flatlet.  A bucket and spade cheapie holiday - but looking forward to it all the same.

I am wondering...
what Porthcawl is like because I've never been.  My heart belongs to Tenby and I fear that it won't live up to that!

I am reading...
'Mad About the Boy' by Helen Fielding.  The third Bridget Jones novel.
I don't care much for more cerebral reading.  My brain is full of so much stuff that 
I can only read froth these days and that's good enough for me. 

I am hoping...
that the rain holds off a little tomorrow so that we can spend some time outside
completing the glass bead mosaics we started a couple of weeks ago. 

I am looking forward to...
snuggling up to my man tonight.  We get two nights together out of seven
and that makes it even more special. 

I am learning.......
that I can't make everyone in the world like me.  And also that I need to accept compliments rather than making a huge joke out of them or at worst sneering
at well meant words.  I need to start learning to love myself more.  This may take a little time. 

Around the house...
its a complete bomb site.  I can't see it ever being anything else unless I give up work - which certainly won't be happening any time soon.  This is not out of choice.

I am pondering...
the fact that life is a journey with many twists and turns.  I need to embrace this. 

A favorite quote for today...
Spot on for today - and every day.

One of my favorite things... 
Listening to steady rhythm of the summer rain whilst I'm lying in bed, feeling drowsy
and drinking coffee.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday is the first day at the new office premises. This will be a bit of a sea change for our department as we have moved away from the head office branch.  We have left a lot of colleagues behind that we've grown close to and who we shall miss on a daily basis. It will be quite a learning curve but it will also be lovely to have easy access to the canalside at lunch time.

A peek into my day...

I think I may have a bit of an addiction!  I can't pass the tea aisle without trying a new box.  My favourite ever fruit tea is the Taylors 'Sweet Rhubarb' one.  Mmmm!! absolutely wondrous!   I never have sugar in coffee or tea (gives me a furry tongue!) but half a spoon in a mug of fruit tea really does enhance the flavour for me.  I can't drink green tea - I've tried so many times because of the constant banging on about its beneficial properties - but its not for me.

I tried nettle tea too - but it tasted like wet dog so that one was jettisoned too! 


  1. I enjoyed reading this and getting to know you better :-D The rhubarb tea is one I shall try, if I can find it. Fresh nettle tea made with the tips, is better than dried, just pour hot water over them, like you would tea leaves. I am looking forward to seeing your glass bead mosaics.
    I showed Mo all the lovely compliments about her garden today, she's still working out there and panicking, as the judges are coming Friday!

    1. Thanks Kath - I'm glad you enjoyed it. The rhubarb tea really is divine. If you can't get it please let me know and I'll be happy to send you some down. I'll give the 'proper' nettle tea a go then - there are hundreds of the buggers in the back field going free! Bless Mo - she should be very proud of that achievement - it's glorious. I do hope the Judges think so too.


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