Sunday, 6 July 2014

Day 53 - No News is.....

....  well, a bit boring really!   Nothing very exciting to report today I'm afraid - I'm guessing my 100 day challenge to myself is in danger of failing due to lack of scintillating news to impart!

I won't bore you with the mundanities of a rather lacklustre, houseworky Sunday, the only excitement being the copper chopper circling and hovering very low over the field for 15 minutes this afternoon.

And tomorrow another Monday rolls around.  Let's hope that its not a mundane Monday!

Have you done anything exciting today?


  1. Nothing exciting happened here either :-( just back from holiday and the usual rounds of washing and ironing. Family dinner yesterday and even they were a bit down in the mouth! Lets hope today brings a bit more excitement :-) x

    1. We can live in hope can't we? I love just being at home and pottering but it doesn't give much bloggy inspiration does it? Lol. X.


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