Saturday, 12 July 2014

Day 59 Moons & Motorcycles

Hello there

Happy Saturday to you all.

I took some photos of the moon last night.  I know it wasn't quite full but wanted to test the camera and as sod's law would have it there is a load of cloud cover tonight so the moon isn't visible.  I know it's all over blogland about the moon right now, but I do love moon gazing.  Perhaps I was a hare in a former life?!  There will be 3 'super moons' over this month and August/September with the September moon reaching fullness on my birthday.  I've told lovely bloke that I want to be somewhere lovely looking at that moon! lol

 The colour change is due to different camera settings.  Don't ask me what they were though - I just point and shoot! lol

We had a busy day today.  We were up early to go booting - believe it or not our first one of the season.  As usual there was a sea of tat and brightly coloured plastic children's toys.  The plants were looking very leggy so I didn't bother with any of those.  I did manage to buy a lovely electric steamer though for just £2.50.  It's like new and a good brand name so that will be put to good use and also some pretty costume jewellery for 50p per item.  Ooh! I also got a lovely glass tealight holder star (which will hang in the garden) for £1.00, and a Cath Kidston style bag for £1.00.  Nothing ground breaking but it'll do for me!

This afternoon we took ourselves down to the Stourbridge Motorcycle and Custom bike show which is held by the local biker club for charity.  There was a massive turn out of people and each entry was just £1.00 per person - They must have made loads of money which will be great for their chosen charities this year.  The sun was out, the crowd was huge and very smiley, and the demographic was very diverse.  There were Hells Angels, Cycle club members, Joe Public and their children and grandchildren, and many people from my old rocker days who are still living the lifestyle even if there are a few more grey hairs around these days.  There was a laid back feel about it all and the bikes were fab! Harleys, Rats, Trikes, Streetbikes, swoon...........  We popped into the River Rooms to cool down with a freezy cider and to watch one of the bands for a while.

Here's just a few of the bikes:-

Ooh look - man photobombed my pic! lol

Riding off into the sunset now (I wish!!)  See you soon! 

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