Friday, 25 July 2014

Day 72 - High Five Friday

Hello there!

How are you all?  Happy Friday to you!

I'm feeling less stressed today and so here are some Friday positives:-

  • Leia chook hasn't beaten Charlie chook to a pulp just yet.  They're not best friends but I think a truce may have been called.  For now at least.
  • Man's booked tonight off so we've been for a cheapie pub two for one meal, and very nice it was too!
  • We went shopping straight afterwards and now we have a whole two days of the weekend to spend as we please.  Yay!
  • Whilst shopping we picked up lots of yellow stickered items which slashed our shopping bill and has put lots of good quality meat in the freezer at a small cost. - i.e. 3 HUGE trays of chicken thighs for £1.79 per tray instead of a fiver, frying steak, salmon and pork steaks.  It was well worth going at the time we did - there was hardly anyone there. Go us!
  • There were some huge citronella candles knocked down to half price - these will be perfect for keeping bugs away at our bbqs.  We also picked up some cut price solar lights and some more candles for the house which smell A-mazing.  Can't wait to burn them!
  • There is just one week left at work before our holiday. 
  • I'm keeping everything crossed we can pick up some overtime next week which will be very welcome. 

Positive vibes to you all.

See you soon xx


  1. You old devil..... nothing but good times.

  2. What a good way to end the week, you can look forward to a lovely relaxing weekend now :-) x


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