Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day 48 - Precious Photographs

KTT stumbled across a bag of old photographs earlier this evening whilst he was mooching about up in the loft looking for goodness knows what.

I've spent a happy few hours looking through them.  There are photographs of around five weddings together with the invitations and place cards.  Its sad to say that not one of the marriages lasted for more than a few years.

There are photographs of rock concerts and Donington festivals with the old ticket stubs tucked safely in the photo wallet.   Dear me.  I have copious pictures of the backs of people's heads, fuzzy dots in the distance which will be some now unrecognisable rock band as we were always so far back from the stage the camera would never pick up anything worth saving.   I could show you a picture of  Bon Jovi, and Iron Maiden and Metallica and, and, and......... but you'd have to use your imagination!!

Of course - all these dud shots would just be deleted from the camera these days - the beauty (or the curse?) of sending off a reel of film off for processing was never knowing whether you had a couple of decent shots amongst all the dross, or whether your pictures depicted nothing but blurred images, backs of heads, half an arm, someone exiting stage left or portraits of family members at important events all with their eyes closed.  Photography was a risky business back then!

Amongst my collection, I have found several pictures of random anonymous male bottoms (no idea!), one random picture of a pair of anonymous boobs (absolutely no idea!) and lots of photographs of bottles of alcohol.  Nope I have no idea why either!  I found pics of my hen night (eek!), loads of photos of past kitties as teeny tiny kittens in flats and houses we inhabited prior to having the kids.  Photographs of my honeymoon.  What on earth do I do with them?

More precious are photographs of some brilliant nights out in our two local pubs.  We spent most of our misspent 'yoot' there and they had a lot to answer for!  Both establishments have now been demolished and the photographs are full of good memories which cannot be replaced.

More precious than any of the above are these two.  Ickle me with Mum and with Dad.  They need restoring as they're very fragile so please excuse the poor quality picture as they're photographs of photographs which are nearly 47 years old.

Take care of your precious photographs.  Please make sure in this digital age that you print them off, or save them to a memory stick so they can't be lost in the event of a computer tantrum.  Cherish your memories.

Mum would say that I've never shut my
mouth since I was born!
The look of love.

Love, Love.


  1. Two pubs were demolished!!! Isn't that a crime?

  2. Photos are just so precious aren't they. I've got lots with people with the dreaded red eye!

  3. I love old hard copy photo's they are the best! these digital days mean that often we never look at them..such a shame, I love your pics..xx


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