Friday, 18 July 2014

Day 65 - Playing Hooky

Sometimes, on a hot, HOT summers afternoon, you've just got to sit canalside with a cold beer and tell work to go hang! 

Half a day's pre booked leave spent chatting, putting the world to rights and gossiping with a work colleague was a far nicer prospect than packing boxes and heaving files around. I'd done that all morning. This was my reward!


  1. Other than for your choice of beer, I say 'Bravo'.

  2. Nothing better, enjoy xxx

  3. couldn't agree more! we have 10 months of winter here, so any time the sun shines is *meant* to be spent with something cold and alcofrolic to hand! let there be many more occasions this summer!!
    BH x

  4. Sounds good to me, pal :)

    Only wish I could do the same - but then I couldn't be left in charge of a computer in the afternoon! :)


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