Wednesday, 27 February 2013

WOYWW - 195

Ooh - one is late for a very important date!  It's Wednesday - **checking watch in a manic fashion a la the White Rabbit** and therefore it must be time for a crafty (tee hee) nosey around the work desks of the universe!  Jump into THIS RABBIT HOLE which will take you over to Ms Dunnit's Stamping Ground to find out more!

Here is my work desk this very Wednesday - the last one in February - eek how did that happen?!

For those of you who haven't visited since last week (Ahem.  *taps foot*  And WHERE do you think you've been eh?!  lol) you'll be pleased to know that: I'VE MOVED IN!!!  Moved into very own my little craft pod and this very Wednesday marks my first WOYWW from my new desk!

Ohhh it's SOOOO lovely having my own space.  It's so cosy in there with the heater on and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be able to escape to my little haven just two steps across the patio from the house. Lovely man of mine has done a wonderful job of making it perfect. He's earned about 47 million billion brownie points from this project!

If you want to have a further nosey around - then please check out THIS post from a couple of days ago if you have time, where there are some more photos from before it got messy!!

On my desk this week is a card I was making for a work colleague's birthday tomorrow.  This lady owns four ferrets so I thought it would be fun to find a cute image on the t'interwebnet to use as a one off card topper.  There is an abundance of paper flowers, (that tin at the top of the desk contains lots more flowers!) a Happy Birthday stamp and an ink pad.  Of course no crafting table is complete without the obligatory coffee cup (sadly empty by the time this photo was taken!) and my BlackBerry which was playing a very eclectic selection of 'choons' as I crafted away.  (Eclectic is right.  From Daniel Merriweather to Rammstein; from Pendulum to Slipknot and from Faithless to Green Day!)

What's on YOUR work desk this Wednesday then?

Ooh really?

Then I'm coming right over!!

See you soon!


  1. Love the idea of the card with Ferrets. Very cool coffee cup....Marnie#148

  2. The card is adorable. What a great idea - if you don't have the image - go surfing for the image - Why didn't I think of that (giving myself the V8 slap). I'm headed over to see the pictures of your new craft room now. Congrats by the way. :-)
    April #151

  3. Fun ferret card, very clever of you to think of that, I'm sure she will love it. Thanks for stopping by my space.

  4. Congrats on your new crafty space, nothing like "your own space" Cute card
    Krisha #32

  5. I hope you have a small 'fridge in there; Champagne and beer are so much better chilled!

  6. Great image for the card and love all the flowers x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #84

  7. Congratulations on the new crafty shed and the wonderful husband and rather handsome cat. May you create many inspired and wonderful projects there.

  8. Enjoy your new space have just done the guided tour as well x


  9. Oh Kim, I haven't been blog visiting anyone at all lately--doing all that wedding stuff--but am looking forward to getting back to a good snoop around more often! Four ferrets, that lady has to have a great sense of humor!

    Thank you for visiting this woyww!

    #141 this week with
    a bunting and lotsa snow!

  10. I so want you to enter our HOME MADE GREETINGS CARD section of our flower show!
    Will you?

  11. Okay, first I had to go check out the whole space(and leave a comment) so now I'm back to say I'm glad to see the desk is already looking more used! lol Has your lovely man been able to get you out of there yet? Oh, you still have to go home for coffee and potty breaks? Well, that's a good thing or they would never see you again, right? lol :) Thanks for stopping by my space already and leaving me a looks like you are working on a super cute card! Have a great WOYWW, Deeyll #141 :)

  12. Cool crafty shed and all that wall space just waiting to be filled with gorgeous projects - and that is one V cute card going on there just for starters. Happy belated WOYWW MMx #97

  13. love the topper you have found for the card you colleague will love the time you have taken to find it I'm sure. A crafty space is a true haven for some me time. Tracy #72


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