Sunday, 24 February 2013

I declare this Craft Shed..... Now open!!

Happy Sunday darling readers!

Well - today was the day!

At long last I was able to move my crafting stash into my little hidey hole.

Here it is in all its glory!   Of course I couldn't have done it on my own.  Cassie offered much help, creative direction and moral support and sat on every available surface for quality control purposes.

Here it do be then.

Without further ado.


Green Man will oversee proceedings

Yep - its ok.  It'll do.   Please make sure my cushion is warmed and plumped prior to my next visit. 


  1. Looks wonderful! what fun you will have in there!

  2. Yay, happy craft piddong, lucky you (and Cassie!!)

  3. Wow! I'm VERY impressed Kim :o) What a great space to craft and create in, I love the Green Man too.
    Have a lot of fun.
    Rose H

  4. Tidy now, but how will it be this time next year? And how many cats?

  5. Craft pod, cat and green man. I am SO jealous! I think your new hidey hole is better than my bedroom.

    Enjoy crafting there. It looks ideal.

  6. Now I wonder how long it will stay like that! Net is good for privacy and security but does tend to knock out the natural daylight a little. Did you think about a blind that could be raised and lowered when you leave?

  7. Oh you lucky lady, I am sooo envious! Imagine, having your very own 'space' *insert sigh and dreamy look to the sky with a picture bubble above of my own crafty space*


  8. Yay! So happy for you to have your own little crafting space! In my old home I didn't have my own space, I just took over every available space(teehee), but my "new" home had a spare room that I snagged and isn't it just the most wonderful thing to have one place for all your crafty treasures and do-dads? :) Congratulations!


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