Saturday, 9 February 2013


Hello my lovelies

Sorry I've not blogged for a while!   Life got in the way a little these last few days.

I decided early last week that I was going to make a Valentine card for that lovely man of mine.  In my mind's eye I could see exactly what I wanted and so settled down at my temporary dumping ground craft table to get started.

Which would have been fine, had I been able to find the owl stamp I wanted to use.  Herein came the fall at the first fence. Said stamp was nowhere to be seen.  Well isn't that typical of every craft project I ever try?!  Frustrated was not the word!  I even text our Furry Friends to see if they knew where it was.  (This was highly unlikely as they live approximately 170 miles away but it was  worth a go!).  Said furry friends helpfully told me that perhaps the owl would come back later as it was a little early for them to be out.  Ahhh that would be it then.

So I waited.

Shuffled about a bit.


Looked at the clock.

Had a cup of coffee.

Whistled a little and swung my feet in a nonchalant manner.

Surreptitiously looked in the drawer I had first looked in about 3 hours ago.

Moved a bit of paper.


Sighed again.

Uttered lots of sweary words most unbecoming of such a delicate little flower as me. (Cough).

Yup.  There it was.

Home to roost.

And now it was too bloody late to do anything with it.


SO!!  this is how the varmint of an owl stamp became my valentine card to my true love.

Firstly - I stamped a couple of owly images onto some white card stock.  This the image prior to being promarkered to death and snipped out.  It's a Maya Road Singleton Stamp which was given to me by a dear friend for Christmas.

 Some midnight blue cardstock was adhered to a card blank. (This has to be the most boring photograph in blog land hahaha)

 A die cut yellow circle was added to the midnight blue. (Can you tell what it is yet?!)

Next up was a die-cut swirl cut from some brown card stock to which I attached some tiny red heart punchies.

 The varmint owls came next. Two(hoooo) of em.  Natch.

And some handy Stickapotamous stickers which were a serendipitous find whilst I was looking for the varmint owl stamp. 
I've entered into the wondrous PAN PASTELPAN PASTEL CHALLENGE   with this one :)

EEK!  Man is awake! 

Erm...Erm.... Quick - look at this instead........... back of the fridge soup  which is hubble-bubbling away in my caul..  pan. Back of the fridge soup (BOTFS) is just that. Anything that is found at the back of the fridge which hasn't grown (a)  legs or  (b) a beard or  (c) both) has been excavated, washed, chopped and souped.   Nom!!  In this week's BOTFS are:  2 spring onions, some savoy cabbage, a punnet of teeny sweet peppers (which I bought a couple of weeks ago because they looked very cute but didn't do anything with them), a very slightly bendy carrot, an onion and two leeks.  To this I added some chicken stock, some (fresh - erm.. at some point) thyme (also lurking at the back of the fridge) and a squirt of garlic paste.  This will be whizzed up for very low cal filling and frugal soup.  


Oh.  And these.  Y'know when you buy punnets of fruit which never seem to ripen for weeks and could cause someone serious damage should you test their ripeness by bouncing them off said someone's head?  Well I'm fed up of waiting for them to soften to be honest.  So I've chopped them, sprinkled them with sweetener (although I'm sure golden caster sugar would taste far nicer... grumble mutter.....) and some pumpkin pie spice and shall bake them until they yield in to a melting softness, whereupon I shall top them them with a cloud (channelling Nigel Slater here!) of low fat toffee apple yoghurt and scoff em in front of the telly later!  A sweet treat indeed!

I'll be off now then.

Relieved aren't you?!



  1. Yup - happens to me too - stamps walk away and hide in horror when they know I approach! That card to twoo cute and said man will love it, I'm sure. Twooly! :D

  2. We told you owls were nocturnal, in the words of TT, you needed to have a little patience!! :)

    Fab card btw

  3. Love the card and the soup sounds good too.

    1. Thank you :) The soup was lovely!

  4. I don't think those plums, at this time of year, are expected to ripen properly. I like them halved, drizzled with honey, and roasted.

    I have carved a heart, arrow, and two initials onto a leg-sized piece of tree trunk. Today it will be tidied, sawn to a more convenient size, and varnished. I hope she likes it.

    1. The plums I roasted yesterday were lovely. Certainly worth doing.

      Aww you romantic you - please post a pic - it sounds wonderful and I'm sure Lady M will love it.

  5. I am so impressed
    Could I get you to enter one of your home made cards in our flower show this year?

  6. I like the look of your BOTFS. It looks very similar to my once round the fridge soup. Same principle!

    I love the owl card.

  7. Very cute design I love the sentiment thanks for joining in this week at PanPastel Uk.

    Kerry DT Leader

  8. Awww love it. Thanks for joining us at pan pastel uk


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