Monday, 25 February 2013

Nail (Brush) Art and a Beary Challenge Entry.

Happy Monday Bloglies.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments about the new Pod.  I had to laugh though - so many of you wondered how long it would stay tidy and pristine!  Well ... um..well I dunno but one has to be neat and tidy at one's grand unveiling doesn't one?!  heehee.

Our good friends over at The House of Bears  SEE HERE issued a challenge for the month of February.which was to base your artwork on a love story.

Well my "artwork" (cough) took inspiration from Robert Fulgham's True Love;  "An irresistible collection of real-life love stories, mixed with Robert Fulghum' s own quirky insights and unmistakable homespun observations, "True Love" tells the many unpredictable tales of love. Here it is: the intriguing story of the woman who marries her mother' s high school flame; a man who learns that "old love" and new pajamas are a dangerous mix; ......" -  you get the picture.    I found a quotation from this book some time ago and always thought that it was perfect.   It's a bit of a tenuous link - the book is neither well known nor a classic - but it's book-related at least!  Sorry bears!  

I chose to do a journal page as my entry and here it is:-

The quote should be visible if you enlarge the picture by clicking on it.  I used acrylics, Octopode digi stamps which I coloured in  with Promarkers and drew on some free hand hearts with oil pastels.  

I've been playing a little more this evening.  The background of the above journal pages was created using a very cheap (39p) nail brush and I loved the effect it gave I had to do it again to show you!!  

First of all I covered some pages with gesso, then blobbed (technical term) some acrylic paint on top.  

Then I took the brush and dragged it through the paint, 

Randomly scrub the brush over the paint - so dragging the paint across your page.

Add more paint when needed.

Once you have covered your page, coat the edges of the bristles with contrasting paint and tap lightly all over to create little splodgy blobs!

Next up - (I like this bit best!!)  load the brush in even more paint (I used green on one end and yellow on the other) and press it on to the paper, then keeping a constant pressure turn the brush 360 degrees to create a swirly painty circle!  Or lots of them! 


Hmmm.... I'm feeling a springy- flowery -journally page coming on in due course!

Whaddya reckon Charlie-Mouse?    OI!  What do you mean you'd rather watch paint dry?  

How very rude!! 


  1. I love that scrummy, swirly background! And as for mutually satisfying weirdness - isn't that a good way to describe blogging too?

  2. Love your work Kim, very detailed and individual ....

    Thanks for your lovely comments over at mine, have left you a reply there

    Have a fab week!

    Claire xxx

  3. You got the challenge just right, the books don't need to be either classics or well known. It's your take on the theme, and you've managed that perfectly. We love your quote, your background, your stamps.... Hmmm, I guess that means we love it all. :)

    Thank you for taking part in our challenge, we really love when friends join in, it makes crafting so much more fun.

  4. I love the quote! And what a fab way to make backgrounds certainly going to have to give it a try x


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