Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cheery Up Flowers

Hello Bloglies - great big warm hugs to you all. Throw another log on the fire and grab a crocheted blanket to put across your knees!  Lawks a'mercy Guv'nor just how cold is it?!  Although the last couple of days have been bright, the bitterly cold wind is making it feel like 379,890 degrees below the -2 they've forecast!  Brrr, basically!!

Can you believe that its Thursday already?  Friday is so close that if I stand on the sofa I can almost see it! Woohoo!

There's not a lot going on here at Peapods.  Its one of those get up, go to work, come home, go to bed kinda weeks with not much in between.

Flowers seem to have featured quite prominently this week.  My two (lady) bosses and I have had the week from hell this week with workload and stress at an all time high.   On Tuesday one of them, most unusually, went into a semi-meltdown and there were tears and a big tantrum.  It was one of those straw breaking the camel's back moments.  I bought a cheapy bunch of bright pink carnations from the big green supermarket for £2 and split the ten stems between the two of them, leaving a little yellow post it cheery-up note for them whilst they were at lunch.  It wasn't much to do in the grand scheme of things but I know they appreciated them, and the vase of flowers now residing in their tiny oppressive office really cheers the place up.

When I came home, the lilies in the Valentine's bouquet from lovely man which had been in tight bud that morning had burst open and are now filling the kitchen with their heady, peppery scent.

The basket of hyacinths on the windowsill which were a gift from lovely mom are also beginning to 'hatch'.  I think this one got a little over excited though and appears to be blooming before it has fully emerged!

I had a bit of sketch frenzy last night and added this little lady to my journal.

It certainly whiled away an otherwise mind-numbing evening whilst DD was watching The Brits.  (One Direction annihilating not one but two classic punk songs at once was enough to make me want to throw things at the telly.   *shakes head in disbelief*).  Not impressed.

Sorry for the rubbish quality of the pics by the way.  I had to take them on my BlackBerry as the camera batteries died.

Keep warm now xxxx


  1. Cold here too. Days are wonderful, nights are nightmare!

  2. I wish I could let myself go and create in this way. I think I need to IYKWIM (and you do 'cos you know me very well doncha?)

    Fabulous. Love your blog. Don't always comment but then we ARE the Gorg!

    Luv ya x


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