Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love Love


Happy Valentine's Day to those of you who celebrate. This is for you:-

And for those of you who don't .............. 

Happy Thursday! 

As usual its a working night for Lovely Man so I have to amuse myself.  (I did this whilst admiring the lovely bouquet he'd had delivered to work for me though ;) )

I had a bit of a play with some chalk resist stamping.  I hadn't got any project in mind so just used my journal.  I love this technique.  It gives a great 'soft' result - almost ghost like.  It's also fun revealing the stamped image against the white page.  

Here's what I did.

Stamp your image using a clear embossing stamp pad.

You may have to enlarge this by clicking to see it a little better - it's just the stamped image.

Gently rub some chalk over the image.  The chalk will cling to the embossing ink.

Change your colours to suit your image

I got carried away and added butterflies and it ended up a little messier than I intended.  I am not of the persuasion that less is more.  Maybe I should adhere to that rule!!

Give it a go! 

See you soon. 


  1. In this case the balance is perfect, not too little, not too much. We struggle to keep our pages from an explosion of ideas at times so know what you mean. Your exbeariment is fab tho.

  2. How do you get the embosser to emboss? Do you have to jump on it?

  3. Oh that's a pretty way to work. What a lovely effect.


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