Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day One of One Hundred.

Hello. Is there anyone there?  I've been a bit distracted recently with goings on far too boring to blog about. 

I've missed blogging. On the other hand I've not really had anything remotely interesting to blog about so therefore my dear readers have been spared the tedious details of hospital appointments, doctors consultations, work politics, teenage angst and a black dog chomping on my arse. 

Tis now time to pull myself up by my boot straps and get bloody well on with it. 

I'm taking a leaf out of a good friend's book and embracing the little things each day that raise a smile. It may be a photo. It may be a just a comment. This is just a challenge to myself and if you would like to hitch a ride then please feel free. 

Here goes then. When I leave work at five my walk through the myriad of car parks and buildings sometimes reveals a tiny glimpse of a more natural world. It may be birdsong. It may be blossom. It may be evidence of the changing of the seasons. 

Tonight it was this little fella. Blithely munching his supper just yards from the concrete jungle on the verge of a car park. I watched him for ages whilst waiting for my cab;  he was totally unaware of my existence.  Bless!

With love from Peapods. Xx


  1. You are definitely a witch. I was just thinking this morning, I haven't heard from Kim, maybe I missed a post? and there you were, in all your spookiness <3

    1. Mwahahhaa!! Thanks Kath - that's made my day!

  2. Oddly we have no Rabbits here; just Hares.

  3. Not nice when the old black dog is nipping at the heels but post what you can, when you can. Good to have you back.

  4. Of course we're still here! lol :)

  5. Good to see you back Kim...have popped by from time to time!



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