Sunday, 25 May 2014

Day twelve - Sunshine on a rainy day


A little bit of sunshine brightened up the holiday weekend today by way of a new 'Sol' wall plaque. Not sure whether he is shed bound yet or whether he will be hung up in the living room so we can see more of him. 

One of my cousins is fifty next week and his parents had asked Mom to see if she could pretty up a little photograph slip album for him. Well. When I saw it I was panicking a little. It was literally a horrid shiny little thing with some clear inserts in the middle and not much else. After pondering for a little while I set to with Gesso, acrylic paint, inks, papers and embellishments and turned it into this. 

Not the best but at least not looking like something that came free with the free paper.  

The clock paper is actually the same front  and back so I'm not sure why it's showing it as two different colours.  

Hope he likes it!  More to the point I hope my aunt and uncle don't mind me altering their perfectly serviceable photo album!!


  1. Great conversion, like you, we hate them as they come. I plan on re-vamping some for Christmas presents. Oh dear, there is that C world already, must be a record for me!

  2. Lovely work- really effective Kim!


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