Saturday, 17 May 2014

Saturday smiles. Day four.

Well now. The sun has got his proverbial hat on and it's Saturday. What's not to like eh?

I think people seem so much happier when the sun is shining. During our regular foray into town this morning, fellow shoppers seemed so much more relaxed and smiley, dressed to suit the weather in bright summer colours. 

In the church hall, the monthly vintage fayre was in full swing.  We usually sit out in the courtyard anyway for a breather and watch the world go by for a while between shops so were in the vicinity. I proclaimed that I wasn't going to go in this week as I just get depressed at the acres of gorgeous vintage clothes. It appears these garments were all made for twiglet sized people which leave people of a more Rubenesque design (oh. That would be Me then!) gazing sadly at the rails of eclectic finery, stroking an astrakhan coat and dreaming of being able to wear a Dolly Rockers frock!  

Man rolled his eyes at me however and told me to stop being daft and get in there cos he knew I wanted to really.  Okay, said I. But I'm not buying anything.  I'll just have a look.  Man raised his eyebrow knowingly and tucked twenty quid into my hand. Tee hee. 

It was as busy as ever.  The ever glamorous Vicki from amazeballs blog Vintage Vixen was there with her Kinky Melon emporium, together with lots of other tables of gorgeousness to drool over.  On the first stall I looked at, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. I picked it up, examined it and put it down again.  Then the woman next to me did exactly the same. The very second she picked it up I knew that I needed it in my life! Suddenly my heart started pounding and my mouth went dry.  The Woman turned it over in her hand and held it to the light in a superior "I know about these things" manner. Nooo!  She couldn't buy it!  It was mine!  It had spoken to me!!  

Step. Away. From. My. Precious.   

The woman sniffed in disdain and set the item back down on the table.  

With more speed than was strictly necessary and a dramatic sigh of relief I thrust my purchase at the stall holder who laughed at me and told me she had seen the veiled look of panic come over me when I thought I'd lost it. 

Honestly.  I'm annoyingly transparent.   

Thing is. There was a "sign" on the tag that underlined the fact that it should be mine. A simple little sign but to me it was karmic. It simply said "Go Ask Alice".  A phrase from one of my very favourite songs in the world by Jefferson Airplane. 

I guess you'd like to see my little frivolous purchase wouldn't you?  You're not going to see the attraction I know but hey, each to their own.  Tis but an insane hare brooch made from resin but I loves him!

Enjoy this wonderful weekend and ...  

"Remember what the dormouse said. Keep your head" ;)

Love and light xx


  1. people of a more Rubenesque design

    LOL me too, chick.

  2. Since the birth of my latest grandson, Bunny, I've been searching for a suitable silver rabbit pendant for his lovely mother. I've now found the perfect one 'on line'.

  3. It's beautiful, and shimmering in the sunshine too!

  4. LOVE your brooch :o)
    Rose H

  5. I adore your brooch Kim!


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