Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Day Seven - Eye Eye! It's Time for a brew

Hello there from the still dicky tummied one!

Yesterday I had to go for an eye test to see whether my headaches were being caused by eye strain and the dire need for a new prescription. My eyes were checked thoroughly, my eye health appeared to be fine, pressures within usual limits, but as expected my middle distance vision has deteriorated quite a bit. I got a ridiculously high quotation for varifocals which nearly had me fall off my chair. My employer pays for eye tests and makes a contribution towards specs but I thought I'd see what else was available in other stores.  As a result I managed to get a mid range lenses, the specs I needed plus a pair of prescription sunnies for over £100 less than I had been quoted just for lenses. 

Whilst I was waiting for my appointment I treated myself to tea and cake in a quirky little cafe which opened recently in the high street.  

As it was quite late in the afternoon I had the place to myself, so enjoyed a hot cuppa randomly accompanied by an egg timer!  I guess this is to gauge optimum brew time!

The tea was hot and good quality. I liked the egg timer quirkiness. The millionaires shortbread was poshly dusted with gold dust but it was thick to the point of breaking me teef! (Ah first world problems eh?!). Great recycled napkins.  Points were deducted for the large chip on the teapot spout.  And I'm not altogether sure why I had two saucers! 

Pretty little place. Just needs a couple of tweaks to make it perfect. :)


  1. That's interesting, because I went to Specsavers last week and felt pressured into varifocals but I have no need of them. I explained what my activities were ie sewing machining and hand sewing. As I don't do both at once, 2 pairs of glasses are more than adequate, but the assistant kept insisting varifocals were what I needed. Eventually she conceded "Well as long as you don't mind changing your glasses over". I got 2 pairs for less than £100, a fraction of the price of the varifocals. Are they on commission do you think?

  2. And I bet the caff had a sofa or two!


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