Monday, 26 May 2014

Day 13 - Pottering Day

I'm thrilled to see that I have two new followers. I'm terribly sorry that I can't say hello personally as Blogger is apparently sulking and is just giving me numbers and not names. How rude!  Hello to you both anyway and a warm welcome to you. 

I love being at home. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to travel and visit new places but the man and I are home birds at heart and are more than happy to be pottering around the house doing odd jobs here and there, nattering over copious amounts of coffee or doing our own thing in our respective sheds(!). 

Today's potterations (yes I made it up, good word methinks!) included tidying up the craft pod which was a disgusterous mess. From this:-

To this:-

Erm ...  

And then back to this ...
Oopsie!  I got distracted ossifer!

I've potted up my acers in their posh new pots. 

Man's potterations included fixing up a mirror in the hallway, deconstructing the bird table as it was quite flimsy and kept blowing over in the wind. Then reconstructing it into this rather nifty deluxe bird feeding station! 

He's a clever un!  

In other news, Sol has taken up residence on the pod where he can glare accusingly at me when I forget to take the keys out of the lock! 

Hope your bank hollibobs have been terribly spiffing too. 


  1. Sounds like a good weekend, that's a great job on the bird table modification!

    1. Thanks Louise - I was impressed too!

  2. The feeding station is great, looks like you got lots done x

    1. Hello Fran - thanks for visiting me! Yep quite a productive weekend!

  3. Is there a 'Teach yourself tidying' book I could buy? I've never got the hang of it.

    1. Me neither Cro. Life's too short to spend tidying!

  4. That's the problem with crafts - they're always messy!
    Love the re-jigged bird feeder, and I bet the birds do too :o)
    Rose H

    1. Hello Rose, how lovely to see you. The birds have yet to visit - ungrateful beggars! :-)


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