Friday, 16 May 2014

Day two - itches and rashes and silly selfies!

Hello there.  Sorry I'm a tad late and we are into Friday already. I've spent a very long few hours dodging between walk in centres and a&e departments with my son who had a raging bout of urticaria. Poor lad. Looked like he'd been scalded all over.
It appears to be some sort of allergic reaction and has been given steroids, antihistamines and anti itch cream. Of course seeking a chemist at half past eleven at night wasn't much fun - particularly without a car. Thank 

goodness for patient taxi drivers.  The chemist had only got half of the prescription and so I have to call in a favour fromy bro tomorrow to retrieve the balance. Gah!  Then we got home to find that the instructions on the tablets were unclear. Take six each day. Hmm. In one go?  Spaced out?  Who knows!  So I've spent the last half an hour on the phone to the 111 service who were very good and clarified things for me. Phew. 

Right. Time for a well earned smile methinks. I saw this pic on the web last week and thought it was hilarious.  

If dogs took selfies!  Tee hee!!


  1. Poor guy; looks like he's been rolling in Nettles.

  2. That is so good a picture of the dogs, made me laugh out loud! My son also had bouts of urticaria, had no idea what brought it on but usually happened when too hot, such as starting to sweat then go in the sun. It often happened at night time as well and from about 3, he would come screaming into us for help, it was so painful. For years, we got away with coating him all over with witch hazel which seemed to help with cooling his skin down, then when he became older, we would do that and give him an anti-histamine tablet (non drowsy). This combination usually got rid of it quite quickly.

  3. My son suffered with it too, he eacted to nettles but his rash used to move around his body. he outgrew it and has never been bothered as an adult.

  4. Poor son - Hope he's feeling better very soon.
    Lots a luv - hope you are ok Kim.
    Rose H


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